SHAMEFUL: Colorado GOP Promotes Event with Anti-Trump Leftists to Combat ‘Hate and Violent Extremism’

The Colorado Republican Party is promoting an event that features anti-Trump leftists who compare President Trump to neo-Nazis and call for Trump supporters to be prosecuted for their political speech.

The Colorado GOP is promoting a “Confronting Hate & Violent Extremism” seminar scheduled for Feb. 13. It features George Selim, the Senior Vice President of Programs with the Anti-Defamation League, and Christian Piccolini, a former Neo-Nazi turned professional diversity scammer. It is being led by the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL) that features anti-Trump literature on their website. The fake news and campus Marxists are also on board with the event.

“The CELL, The Denver Post and Univ. of Denver present this critical forum that will explore the rising extremism threat facing our nation and the efforts of the U.S. government and other organizations to combat it and prevent future acts of violence,” the description for the event reads.

The ADL has been waging a campaign to criminalize free speech on the internet and destroy the 1st Amendment as a response to the rise of Trump. Their hysterical propaganda has recently caused mass panic over the use of the ‘OK’ symbol.

“It’s long overdue for the social media companies to step up and shut down the neo-Nazis on their platforms,” ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt told Congress earlier this month. “Companies like Twitter and Facebook need to apply the same energy to protecting vulnerable users that they apply to protecting their corporate profits.

“If they won’t answer the problem, you probably need to,” he added in an explicit call to end freedom of speech in America.

Picciolini is a veteran diversity scammer who is paid to propagandize against President Trump and conservatives. He was a neo-Nazi who committed acts of racist terror but now claims to be reformed in order to draw a paycheck from the gullible. He has tied President Trump to neo-Nazis for supporting limits on immigration and building the wall.

“[Trump] is feeding people – the same rhetoric that I used to say 30 years ago – build a wall, Muslim ban, you know, remove immigrants from the country – all the same things that I used to say,” Picciolini said in an interview with The Independent.

The Colorado Republican Party is promoting an agenda that literally sabotages their own efforts in an attempt to virtue signal and show how non-racist they are. This is why Republicans lost so frequently before Trump showed up.

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