Shaun King Threatens to Sue Activists After Being Accused of Fraudulent Fundraising

Progressive ‘racial justice’ personality and activist Shaun King became the target of a Twitter backlash on Wednesday night after threatening lawsuits against other activists who had accused him of a lack of transparency regarding fundraising initiatives and siphoning money for personal use.

King claimed to have assembled a legal team that would pursue defamation lawsuits against individuals who had supposedly been lying about him. He then shared a picture of a tweet made by an activist named Clarissa Brooks asking for answers from King about questions pertaining to potential financial mismanagement of funds raised for a social justice entity.

After being de facto targeted by King and accused of lying, Brooks responded with an account of being bullied and legally threatened by King’s team of lawyers- for simply asking a question about fiscal transparency. Brooks apparently had been contacted by King’s lawyers immediately after asking about his actions in regards to funds raised for Cyntonia Brown, a Tennessee woman convicted of murder recently granted a pardon by the state’s governor.

After King claimed that Brooks retracted her statement, Brooks clarified that she hadn’t, and only initially deleted her tweet after being browbeated over it by King’s legal team.

It appears many prominent ‘Black Twitter’ social media users share Brooks’ skepticism over King’s track record of ostensibly raising funds for social justice endeavors, only to see the money disappear without any answers or transparency from King.

King’s track record of dubious conduct is prolific even when one disregards questions pertaining to corrupt fundraising. He’s falsely accused an innocent bystander of murdering a black child- apparently on the mere basis of being white. When it came out that a black man committed the murder for which King ginned up a social media manhunt over, he declined to formally apologize for falsely accusing a man of murdering a child.


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