SHEEP: Australians Mask Up on the Beach After Authorities Threaten Fines for Non-Compliance

Ground zero for the emerging Big Brother technocracy is Australia where COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to strip residents of their civil liberties and subject them to dehumanizing measures.

A recent display at a beach where a government official threatened individuals in an outdoor setting that they must comply with face mask mandates or face fines illustrates the absurdity of the virus regime.

“To everybody that’s lying on the beach, please remember you are in breach of the public health order if you are not wearing your mask. Please put your mask on or otherwise fines will apply,” the government official said.

Social distancing rules were also enforced by authorities, as the COVID commissar reminded beachgoers that they could not go near their fellow man or else be fined by the state.

“Social distancing is vital. We are not out of this mess yet, and if you are outside of the five kilometer LGA, again, you are in breach of the public health order. Thank you for complying, and thank you for helping us keep the LGA safe,” the officer said, referring to the local government area in which the beach is under jurisdiction.

The chillingly dystopian video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Australia becoming a hellscape overnight and how that is the system which the globalist elite want to thrust upon the world:

An Australian official from the province of New South Wales has declared that only the vaccinated will be allowed to interact in public when society is finally re-opened.

“When we do open up at 70 percent double-dose, anyone who interacts with each other will be completely vaccinated so that massively reduces the chance of anybody requiring hospitalization,” said NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Her comments can be seen here:

These policies are not likely to work, considering that countries with higher levels of vaccination, such as Israel, are reporting a record spike in cases. The Australian policies have been inflicted as a punishment regime of sorts in order to compel the peasants into lining up for COVID-19 jabs even though cases and deaths were low when the Draconian crackdown was initiated.

If free people do not rise up, these sort of restrictions will be normalized, and the Orwellian Nightmare will become an inescapable eventuality. Other nations must stop their societies from becoming like Australia.

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