SHOCK FOOTAGE: Los Angeles Motorist Is Attacked, Swarmed, and Chased by Massive Mob of BLM Thugs

A mob of Breonna Taylor rioters swarmed and attacked the driver of a Toyota Prius on Thursday night. A truly massive mob of riot roadblockers was seen swarming the man’s car before he sped away from the formation.

Remarkably, some of the rioters chased the motorist in a green truck, and succeeded in running him off the road. They proceeded to attack his car, shatter his windows with a skateboard, and attempt to pull the driver out of his car.

Watch the shocking footage here.

Remarkably, the driver himself was made to surrender with his hands up after escaping the anarcho-tyrannical mob, and handcuffed!

Meanwhile, a mob of thugs that may number in the hundreds continues to openly block a major public roadway in downtown Los Angeles.

This is one of the most alarming mob roadblocks of a public roadway in recent month. Violent BLM and ANTIFA rioters have shot up to six people for driving through highways and roads they attempt to block off. These situations are life threatening for motorists merely attempting to travel, and they’re left with no choice but to speed through trespassing rioters who swarm and attack their vehicles.

Big League Politics continues to monitor the developing situation.

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