SOLITARY: Michael Avenatti Transferred To El Chapo’s Former Cell In New York Jail

New legal documents published Monday night reveal that showboat attorney and former cable news star Michael Avenatti has been transferred from a California jail to an infamous New York jail after violating the terms of his pre-trial agreement.

Avenatti was arrested at a hearing of the California Bar Association last weekend.

New documents published by his attorney surfaced Monday, revealing that Avenatti was transferred from California to New York over the weekend and jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Avenatti is currently facing criminal charges related to an alleged extortion of Nike, in which the showboat attorney is said to have threatened the sporting company with legal and press campaign against it if it failed to provide him with millions of dollars.

The documents assert that he has been housed in a cell formerly occupied by Mexican Cartel boss El Chapo, an infamous global criminal who has since been transferred to a federal prison in Colorado known as the most secure in the country.

In another strange twist, the Metropolitan Correctional Center was the location of infamous billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s detention and controversial “suicide.”

Avenatti’s lawyers are asking for him to be removed from protective custody and placed in general population in order to effectively litigate his ongoing court case.

With the once-hyped potential presidential candidate literally being housed in El Chapo’s former jail cell, it’s hard to think of a more dramatic character arc for the celebrity lawyer. Around a year ago, Avenatti was still exploring the possibility of a campaign for the Democratic nomination.

As he fights against criminal charges that could carry a penalty of a life sentence in prison, it appears unlikely that Avenatti will be getting anywhere with any political ambitions anytime soon.

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