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Soros-Backed Wikipedia Founder Shows His True Anti-Trump Colors

Far from being nonpartisan, Wikipedia is another thought control mechanism for the Left.



Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that can be edited by users, constantly advertises itself as independent and non-partisan in its constant fundraising appeals begging for money to supposedly keep free information available in the digital age.

But a recent Tweet from founder Jimmy Wales deriding President Donald Trump during his visit to the United Kingdom is an indicator that the site’s supposed objectivity may not be what it seems:

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The truth is Wikipedia has relied on misleading fundraising practices that do not represent the true nature of the operation for many years.

One of their fundraising messages tugs at the unsuspecting reader’s heart strings and suggests that they may be one bad donation cycle away from closing up shop forever.

“To protect our independence, we will never run ads. We’re sustained by donations averaging about $15. Only a tiny portion of our readers give,” the fundraiser notice read.

The request concluded: “Your donation supports the only non-profit on the list of the world’s top ten most visited websites. That’s pretty sweet. Please take one minute to keep Wikipedia online and growing.”

But in actuality, Wikipedia is far from independent and not even close to broke. They are sitting on a pile of cash, and their content is tightly controlled by a legion of left-wing activists who edit the database constantly so all information is slanted toward their preferred agenda.

It is no surprise that Wikipedia is so biased in favor of the Left when they receive funding from two of the most powerful left-wing oligarchs in the world, Jeff Bezos and George Soros.

“Alexa leverages hundreds of sources to answer questions, including Wikipedia,” Amazon said in a statement given to TechCrunch after donating $1 million to the non-profit. “The Alexa team shares a similar vision with Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation: To make it easier to share knowledge globally.”

Soros has put a much more substantial donation into Wikipedia than Bezos, and his network is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the alleged non-profit.

“George’s generous gift to the future of free knowledge is reflective of his deep commitment to supporting openness in all its forms,” said Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, after Soros announced a $2 million donation. “His gift will help us ensure the sum of all knowledge remains free and open for the benefit of generations to come.”

“The Endowment is not just a practical way to support Wikipedia,” Soros said. “My gift represents a commitment to the ideals of open knowledge—and to the long-term importance of free knowledge sources that benefit people around the world.”

It was revealed in 2016 that the Soros-backed Tides Foundation is in charge of the The Wikimedia Endowment, a “permanent safekeeping fund” expected to oversee up to $100 million for the supposed non-profit.

Even the globalist Koch Brothers, who have paid off the Republican Party establishment to support open borders and free trade for decades, have been implicated in manipulating Wikipedia to control the narrative about their various front groups.

Wales’ social media jab against Trump only gives away the obvious. Wikipedia is another Web 2.0 service, like Twitter, Google or Facebook, operating under the guise of free, open information while being tightly controlled by the globalist Left.

Fake News Media

Fox News is ‘Very Proud’ of Chris Wallace Shilling for Joe Biden at First Presidential Debate

This news entity has sold out.



Fox News has released a statement indicating they are “very proud” of the way journalist Chris Wallace behaved at the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“We’d like to take a moment to thank and congratulate Chris Wallace for moderating last night’s extraordinary debate,” wrote Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace in a memo.

“We are extremely proud of his professionalism, skill and fortitude in a unique situation while doing everything possible to hold both candidates accountable. No moderator could have managed a debate of that magnitude better than Chris,” they added.

The full memo can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on the overwhelming level of bias exhibited during the debate by Wallace, who seemed as if he was the person debating Trump instead of Biden at many points:

The Donald Trump campaign has indicated that ‘neutral’ moderator Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump a whopping 76 times during Tuesday’s debate. Wallace, who is known for harboring liberal sympathies, was widely criticized by conservatives for his partiality in moderating the contest.

It appears that Biden actually spent more time talking during the debate than Trump did, despite Wallace consistently maintaining that Trump was breaking the rules.

Wallace continually invoked the rules that allot two minutes for each answer to each candidate, but declined to interrupt Biden when he violated them. He flouted neutrality most during the ‘open discussion’ segments, waiting for a moment when Biden appeared flustered or challenged by the President to change the subject.

Wallace conveniently changed the subject when Trump pressed Biden to identify any law enforcement union that endorsed him…

Wallace also provided the same convenient handicap when Biden described the terrorist group ANTIFA as an ‘idea.’ …

Biden assailed Trump with a hail of personally charged insults, calling him a ‘clown,’ a ‘racist,’ a ‘fool,’ and a ‘puppy.’ Wallace did not object to any of the character attacks utilized by Biden…

At this point, if Biden refuses to a contest with a moderator unaffiliated with a mainstream corporate media outlet, just do the debates without a moderator. Have the two candidates speak in an open-ended fashion without the use of a convenient handicap to cut off any content that might prove harmful to the Democrat’s electoral prospects.

Fox News has drifted left-ward over the past several years, as President Trump has acutely recognized.

“What’s going on with Fox? What’s going on there? They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans. Something strange is going on at Fox! Something very strange,” Trump said publicly after South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was promoted heavily by the network.

“Did you see this guy last night? I did want to watch, you’ve always got to watch the competition if you call it that. And he was knocking the hell out of Fox and Fox is putting him on. Somebody is going to have to have to explain the whole Fox deal to me,” Trump added.

Fox News has sold out and can no longer be relied upon to support conservative values, with the only exceptions being their primetime lineup.

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