Source: John Durham Indictments, Report Not Expected Before the Election

Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business reported on Sunday morning that the Department of Justice is not expecting US Attorney John Durham to file any indictments or release a public report on his investigation regarding governmental misconduct in the 2016 election before the November election.

Durham was tasked by William Barr to investigate FBI misconduct and fraudulent claims with the federal bureaucracy that then-candidate Trump was under the control of Russia. He’s already indicted one former FBI lawyer- who went on to work for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt into the Russia conspiracy- for falsifying documents in order to obtain a surveillance warrant on Carter Page, a then-Trump campaign foreign policy advisor.

However, it appears his probe is primed to become somewhat of a flop. Bartiromo has reported that sources within the DOJ are icing any action in the form of new indictments or reports documenting governmental corruption before the election occurs. It’s still possible Durham could indict other deep state-linked bureaucrats, but some have questioned whether he intends to indict anyone else at all.

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton had previously questioned the seriousness of Durham’s probe, asking why he had not convened any grand juries and pointing out that the Connecticut district attorney has largely failed to produce any concrete investigative results in sixteen months since being appointed by Barr to investigate the Russiagate hoax.

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