Southern Poverty Law Center Designates Trump Supporters as Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center has officially designated the Proud Boys as a hate group. The Proud Boys are a multi-racial pro-West fraternal organization, whose only two requirements for entry are to be biologically male, and to believe that the “West is the best.”

The Proud Boys was founded by conservative commentator Gavin McInnes in 2016, and was originally set up as a drinking club made up of New York area fans of his now discontinued show on Compound Media. The group has kept its drinking club roots, but has grown to have thousands of members across the world. The Proud Boys hosted their first national meetup in September of 2016, which brought well over 100 Proud Boys to Las Vegas.

Despite the claims the from the SPLC, everything points towards the group being nothing more than a drinking club for men, similar to the Shriners and the Knights of Columbus, the left has spent the past year vilifying the group. They have made claims that the group is racist, despite the fact that the group has members of every race, and sexist, because one of their tenets is to honor the housewife. Is the SPLC going to claim that every housewife who doesn’t hate herself is sexist as well?

To the contrary, the Proud Boys have been vocally opposed to racism, even disavowing the August “Unite the Right” rally two months before it happened.

McInnes fired back at the idea of the Proud Boys being a hate group, and in turn went after Morris Dees, the co-founder of the SPLC.

“Most sane people on the right are aware of the Morris Dees hustle. They are facing legal action for putting innocent people in danger and the FBI no longer uses them as a resource,” stated McInnes. “Most of us recognize Dees as a con artist who preys on old Jewish people with money. They’re petrified of Nazis coming back and I believe he takes advantage of this fear by pretending they lurk around every corner. It’s immoral and wrong and totally corrupt. The SPLC’s cofounder Millard Fuller, has been quite vocal about this and sold his shares when the guilt got to be too much. Fuller gave away his money and started Habitat for Humanity as a kind of penance.”

In reality, nothing that the Proud Boys believe is out of the ordinary from rank-and-file supporters of President Donald Trump. They believe in small government, secure borders, and that western culture is the best culture.

Pawl Bazile, Production Manager at Proud Boy Magazine spoke exclusively to Big League Politics, stating:

“The SPLC is the biggest hate group in America. The fact that they can designate anyone a hate group without talking to a single member shows their bias, and how far away they’ve gotten from their initial purpose.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a long record of targeting conservative groups. Those who disagree with gay marriage, or question Islam, are at risk for being targeted by the group. Yet, it takes literally praising Hitler for a left-leaning group like the Nation of Islam to be labeled as a hate group by the SPLC.

But being listed as a hate group on the left, and praising Hitler apparently isn’t that big of a deal to the media, considering that Obama got his picture taken with the leader of the National of Islam, and had the picture hidden until he left office.

It is clear that the SPLC has a bias towards those on the right. Gavin McInnes even contends that the SPLC may lurk around the dark corners of the internet, promoting white supremacist ideas in order to drive extremists into the light.

“I’ve also been told that their staff go on white nationalist message boards and post racist content in an attempt to ferret out the real dangerous extremists,” stated McInnes. “Of course, what they end up doing is radicalizing the curious and making them think it’s normal to be a white nationalist. So, we have a group that preys on Jews and creates Nazis from scratch. Once again, as KRS-ONE said, “The ones yelling ‘Keep it real’ the loudest are the ones most full of shit.””

McInnes also contends that the SPLC “is the best gift the Alt-Right could ever hope for.” They make the alt-right movement seem larger than it is by claiming that standard right-leaning conservatives are in their ranks. But I guess they’ve gotta make money some way, and villainizing the entire right seems to be an easy way for them to do it.