St. Louis High Schooler Suing Private Catholic School over Anti-White Racism, Represented by Mark McCloskey

A Saint Louis Catholic high school student is suing her school over anti-white racism and discrimination, in a case that could have legal implications for private schools that mandate critical race theory and identity-based castes in the classroom.

The suit alleges systemic discrimination, double standards, and race-based punishments at the Villa Duchesne and Oak School, with the litigant alleging that the elite Frontenac school engages in discrimination against White students by “by encouraging and facilitating race-based aggression” by their Black peers. Villa is a Catholic school for girls from grades 7 to 12.

The anonymous student- “Daughter Doe” in court documents- is being represented by St. Louis lawyer Mark McCloskey, who became known for an armed confrontation with riotous Black Lives Matter trespassers outside of his home during the summer’s riots. The Soros-backed prosecutor who filed charges against McCloskey has since been dismissed from the case for political grandstanding, in a development that suggests the sham criminal case against McCloskey and his wife Patricia will ultimately be dismissed. Daugther Doe’s parents are also anonymously listed in the court documents.

Daughter Doe recounts being falsely accused of standing up in a classroom and exclaiming “Black lives don’t matter!”- an accusation she asserts is easily disproved by video recording which indicates she didn’t actually say the dramatically inflammatory words. Doe says that her home was vandalized and attacked by her peers after a campus frenzy following the row, with teachers and administrators paying a blind eye to false accusations of “racism” leveled against her.

The goal [of this lawsuit] is to stop the indoctrination of students with this critical race theory,” said McCloskey of the lawsuit in a statement provided to the St. Louis Dispatch, “and to also make the community aware that even at Catholic parochial schools, this bizarre, racist, anti-racism is being force-fed down the throats of their children.

Daughter Doe recounts being told by a teacher at the school that she should “expect to be treated like a racist” because of a pro-law enforcement sticker on her laptop, with the school’s principal and teachers again paying a blind eye. Critical race theory indoctrination is reportedly prevalent and mandated within the school.

Black Lives Matter supporters at the school were also allegedly told they’d be immune from punishment for threats and bullying directed towards Daughter Doe, who was identified by her peers as a Donald Trump supporter.

Critics of the Black Lives Matter street terror movement don’t often loudly exclaim that “Black lives don’t matter,” a sensational statement that directly attacks the movement’s misleading name. Race-based witch hunts are common at private American high schools and universities, and a judgement against Villa Duchesne could potentially have national legal implications for schools that permit discrimination and race-based bullying against White students.

A spokeswoman for Villa Duchesne declined to comment on the lawsuit in remarks provided to the St. Louis Dispatch.

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