Starbucks Demands Federal Labor Board to Suspend Union Elections, Alleging Widespread Mail-in Ballot Fraud

The corporate coffee colossus Starbucks is demanding for the federal labor board to suspend their union elections, alleging a conspiracy of widespread mail-in ballot fraud.

Starbucks petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to suspend elections on Monday, claiming that labor board officials acted wrongly in a Kansas City-area union election and likely committed the same improprieties in other local union elections. They cited whistleblower testimony to bolster their claims.

Thus far, over 220 Starbucks locations have voted to unionize, according to statistics from the NRLB, with 34 more of them on the way and seven additional stores ready to have elections. With unionization, corruption and disgrace have unsurprisingly arrived.

Starbucks have become surprising advocates of election integrity measures. They are demanding for mail-in elections to be halted with only in-person elections allowed in the future to stop fraud. Perhaps Starbucks should get on the horn with Mike Lindell to share the best practices on pushing back against electoral corruption, eh?

Starbucks is alleging collusion between NLRB officials and union goons to flood the ballot box at the labor board’s offices to stack the deck during elections. They also claim union goons were given information about the vote totals so they could target and pressure employees who had not yet cast their vote. This is similar to the 2020 presidential election fraud blueprint where vote counting was halted at the dead of night across the country so Democrats fraudsters knew how many ballots they had to promulgate to ensure victory.

Big League Politics has reported on Starbucks feeling the hurt from the woke policies that they have embraced for so long:

Are the consequences of woke ideology now catching up to corporations that push it? American businesses are feeling pains across the country amidst record high-crime levels. It is not just small companies — a newly leaked internal meeting from coffee giant Starbucks revealed it would close sixteen stores across the country as a direct result of increased time. That is not all — CEO Howard Schultz promised that this is just the beginning.

Footage from the Tuesday internal meeting was shared by The Post Millennial on Wednesday. Schultz can be seen speaking in detail as to why so many of his company’s coffee shops are closing their doors for good.

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