Statue of Abolitionist Frederick Douglass Removed & Stolen from New York Park

A statue of famed abolitionist and escaped slave Frederick Douglass was stolen from a Rochester, New York park over the weekend, revealing that leftist cultural vandals have no qualms with destroying icons of individuals essential to the movement against slavery in the United States.

The statue of Douglass was wholly and entirely removed from its base in Rochester’s Maplewood Park, and was missing as of Sunday morning. Pieces of rubble surrounding its foundations suggest the statue was ripped from its base.

The statue was later found in a gorge some distance away from its place in the park, having been crudely dismounted and dumped. The Douglass statue was confirmed to be damaged from the vandalism by Rochester authorities.

Douglass, a longtime Rochester resident, was one of the most famous Black Americans of the 19th century, having escaped slavery as a young man and taken up the abolitionist cause. He was an associate of President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and is thought of by many as one of the first black Republicans throughout the Reconstruction period of American history.

Vandalism of the Douglass statue, who perhaps is on par with figures such as Ulysses Grant and Lincoln in association with the Union cause during the Civil War, would eliminate any claim of merely targeting Confederate and “racist” statues on the part of left-wing rioters and protestors. When you can’t even differentiate between figures such as Stonewall Jackson(who merit the preservation of statues in their own right, even if they were on the wrong side) and Frederick Douglass, you lose any claim of historical enlightenment in justification of your cultural jihad against American civilization.

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