Student Kicked Out of Class for Stating There Are Two Genders Cleared of Wrongdoing

Lake Ingle, the student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania who was barred from his Christianity class for stating that there are only two genders, was welcomed back into class, and cleared of wrongdoing by his University President, Michael Driscoll.

Ingle announced the President’s decision by posting screenshots of an announcement sent over email to students of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

In the announcement, the University President stated that due to the way the situation has been handled thus far, he believes that the “thoughtful, dispassionate review of the matter is impossible.” He therefore, without reviewing the findings of the “Academic Integrity Board,” chose to indefinitely pause the formal investigation against Ingle, and to instead allow him to return to class.

This is sure to anger the professor who chose to kick him out of class. In her formal notice to Ingle, Dr. Alison Downie stated that he would be forced to apologize to the class, and listen to student’s concerns with his statements without having the opportunity to respond.

For supporters of free speech, this is a great win, and for radical feminists who hate free speech, this is a major loss.

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