Switzerland is Entertaining the Idea of Jailing Individuals Who Heat their Rooms Above 66℉ in the Case Country Has to Ration Gas 

As if the West couldn’t get any more insane, Switzerland is now floating the idea of sending people to jail for heating their rooms above 19℃ (66℉) in the case that the country is compelled to ration gas due to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

The government could also impose fines on individuals who are caught violating the new set of regulations.

In an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick, Markus Sporndli, a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, revealed that the fines could start at 30 Swiss Francs ($31 USD) and be levied on a daily basis until the offender ceases engaging in the illegal activity.

In addition, Sporndli highlighted that the maximum fine could reach 3,000 Swiss Francs  ($3108).

Companies who violate the gas quotas they’re subjected to could also face harsh punishments.

As the Daily Mail reported, per potential regulations, temperatures in gas-heated buildings can not rise above 19℃ (66℉), with water heated up to 60℃ (140℉).

In the Blick report, it also noted that radiant heaters would not be allowed and saunas and swimming pools would have to be kept cold.

These measures are outlined in the Federal Law on National Economic Supply, which the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (EAER) refers to in an official document.

Switzerland, a country that is renowned for having one of the saner governments in Europe, appears to have succumbed to the present insanity engulfing the West. While it has built a reputation for its neutrality in foreign policy affairs and its commitment to political decentralization, Switzerland has largely deviated in the former case as evidenced by its decision to sanction Russia after the nuclear power invaded Ukraine.

BLP previously reported on Switzerland potentially facing unprecedented levels of unrest due to its embrace of energy policies that will radically disrupt Swiss citizens’ lives. Unfortunately, the Swiss ruling class seem committed to joining the rest of Europe in embracing sub-optimal energy policies and other globalist schemes.

It will likely take a Swiss citizen uprising combined with a competing elite to shake up the current globalist incumbent class that rules Switzerland. Undoubtedly, Switzerland has seen better days in terms of political sanity and respect for individual freedoms.

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