Taxpayer Dollars are Used to Encourage the Homeless to Ingest Dope Up Their Anuses in Seattle

A homeless shelter backed by the city of Seattle is encouraging their homeless population to ingest illegal drugs up their anus, in a process referred to colloquially as boofing, as a safer way to get high.

The logic behind the measure is that drug addicts are less likely to spread disease by avoiding needles. However, as KTTH radio host Jason Rantz notes, the effect is to promote the use of illegal drugs and keep homeless people in a never-ending cycle of dependency.

One advertisement tells homeless Seattle residents to use “booty bumping kits” and claims ingesting drugs up the anus is a “good choice if your veins are too hard to hit,” has “less risk of infection or abscesses,” has “less damage to skin and veins,” and “doesn’t leave tracks.”

Another advertisement from the homeless shelter urges for addicts to smoke their dope instead of injecting it. It reads: “Smoking is a lower-risk alternative to injection. Give it a try!” They offer “bubbles, stems and hammers,” three different types of glass pipes, for homeless individuals to get loaded.

The fliers can be seen here:

These fliers come from the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), which is funded in part by Seattle’s Human Services Department (HSD). The director of the program defends the measures as promoting harm reduction in the community.

“The efforts we make are focused on reducing risks to people engaged in risky behaviors, and helping people make use of treatment that can be helpful to them,” DESC Executive Director Daniel Malone said during an appearance on the Jason Rantz Show.

Malone maintains that this controversial technique falls “on the continuum of helping people to decrease risk by avoiding the use of needles to inject drugs, because intravenous injection of drugs can produce complications such as phlebitis, vasculitis, cellulitis, vein scarring, abscesses, and systemic infections related to IV injection.”

Big League Politics has reported on some of the other liberal excesses that have emerged from Seattle as the emboldened radical Left exerts their authority:

ANTIFA militants attempted to recreate the infamous ‘Capital Hill Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle on Saturday night, erecting flaming border walls around the dismantled commune’s ‘borders’ in an attempt to scare away police…

Police were a bit less inclined to tolerate the anarchist rebellion this time. Groups of Seattle police officers marched upon the commune, dismantling its borders as they upheld the territorial integrity of the city of Seattle.

ANTIFA militants continued to engage in criminal activity even after the commune’s ‘borders’ were once again dismantled, refusing to disperse after their gathering was declared unlawful by the police…

ANTIFA militants had attacked and damaged small businesses and private property earlier in the evening…

As the Seattle police were bogged down responding to criminal activity in the city’s Capital Hill neighborhood, residents engaged in illegal street racing activity near the city’s Space Needle. At least one person was injured by cars that were performing ‘donuts’ near the attraction, and police couldn’t respond because they were busy dealing with CHAZ militants…

ANTIFA went on to leave flaming trash heaps on the streets of the Capital Hill neighborhood after their border wall was disabled, leaving the burden for area residents to clean up in the name of protesting “racism,” or something.

As urban demographics render once-great communities uninhabitable for middle-class Americans, this is how every city across the country will be governed. America will never be great again until liberalism is crushed once and for all.

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