Teacher Boasts Of Hinting Queerness To Gain Students’ Trust

Are American schoolteachers losing their minds? A new video posted Sunday by famous social media account Libs of Tik Tok featured a self-described “openly queer teacher” who intentionally hints to elementary school students that she is a sympathizer of the LGBT cause in order to build trust with them.

“I am an openly queer teacher,” the Tiktok user @zombriii94, who goes by Brianna Rose, announced. “I wear a bi flag watch band and bi flag bracelets,” explained Rose as she showed her wrists. “In my classroom I keep a rainbow flag…. “my kids know what it means.”

The teacher claimed that being “openly queer” as resulted in students trusting her more, especially if they are not allegedly heterosexual themselves. She then went on to brag of a story in which two students asked if she would use “they/them” pronouns during everyday interactions rather than the traditional he or she.

“I said, ‘kiddos I would love to do that for you, I’m so glad you trusted me with this information,'” she proudly exclaimed. Another example from the self-identifying queer teacher featured a student who asked to be called a name “that is not gendered as what they were born as.”

Similar instances of teachers grooming children with a gender ideology that denies the realities of biological sex have been seen nationwide. A report by Big League Politics last May covered a schoolteacher bragging on TikTok about her ability to convince 3-year-olds she is male. We also covered a woke teacher arrested in Hawaii for allegedly raping a child after he had made posts online ridiculing conservatives for suggesting that grooming goes on in the school system via left-wing gender ideology.

The ‘queer’ teacher complained about her co-workers, telling the audience that other instructors scolded her after she requested they join her in referring to students with pronouns that ignore biological sex. According to Rose, other school staff said it “was not appropriate for me to communicate.”

“I don’t care what you believe, but when you refuse to respect a queer child’s request for pronoun and name changes, you are hurting them,” said an angry Rose to the camera.

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