Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Will Not Resign As He Faces Impeachment Trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has vocally rejected speculation that he would resign from his position ahead of his upcoming impeachment trial.

“Wrong! I will never stop fighting for the people of Texas and defending our conservative values,” Paxton posted on X in response to the rumors.

On August 26, 2023, Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report, posted on X about “credible chatter” that the suspended AG would resign to avoid taking the stand before the Senate for the impeachment trial, which is slated for September 5,. 

“There’s credible chatter in the last 24 hours that Texas AG Paxton will resign prior to the impeachment trial to avoid testifying. Lt. Gov. Patrick *may* be back-channeling to Paxton that it won’t go well for him in the Texas Senate and to make it easier on everyone. Developing…,” Braddock posted on X.

Patrick was highly critical of Braddock’s post on X, describing the story as “outrageous and irresponsible.”

“This is total false reporting. There are no ‘back-channel’ conversations with any party to the proceedings

This is a fabricated story and an outrageous and irresponsible tweet by nothing but a hack writer who often spreads false information without any facts,” Patrick added

Patrick plans on having his own legal counsel to help him navigate the impeachment trial. 

On August 28, he tapped retired Judge Lana Myers as his legal counsel, as permitted in the trial rules.

“Today, pursuant to the Rules of Impeachment adopted by the member of the Senate, I am pleased to appoint Justice Lana Myers to assist me during the upcoming impeachment trial, which starts on September 5. Justice Myers is an extremely qualified candidate with experience as an attorney and a judge,” Patrick declared in a statement.

Back in May, Paxton was impeached and suspended from his AG position without pay stemming from allegations that abused his power to impede a federal investigation into Austin real estate developer Nate Paul. The FBI raided Paul’s business back in 2019.

The real estate developer was alleged to have financed a home remodel for Paxton and his wife, State Senator Angela Paxton and provided employment to the woman accused of having an extramarital affair with the attorney general in exchange for receiving his protection.

Paxton’s wife will be compelled to sit on the Senate floor as her husband must go through the impeachment trial. That said, under the rules established earlier in the summer, she will be prevented from participating in the trial as a juror. 

Paxton has been one of the stronger conservative voices in the Texas State legislature. He has opposed gun control measures coming from the ATF and Wuhan virus era masking policies

While Paxton is not ideal, he is considerably better than his Chamber of Commerce counterparts in the Texas legislature. Should Paxton get impeached, Texas will lose a solid statewide elected official who can effectively handbrake the Left.

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