Texas State Government Grows a Pair by Threatening to Take Over Austin Police After Threats of Defunding

Even states like Texas have not been exempt from the defund the police mania.

BLP previously reported on Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s move to defund the Austin Police Department by $150 million and shift resources to other services such as providing abortion.

However, the Texas state government will not sit idly by as its capital city begins to subject its citizens to radical leftist experimentation.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently revealed that Governor Greg Abbott is flirting with legislation to bring Austin police under the purview of the state government.

Paxton went on Fox News and said: That makes little to no sense and makes our city less safe. We can fund the police in a way that will keep the city safe, which is what we all want.”

On September 3, 2020 Abbott tweeted about this proposal, declaring “We can’t let Austin’s defunding & disrespect for law enforcement to endanger the public & invite chaos like in Portland and Seattle.”

In almost predictable fashion, Mayor Adler pinned the blame on President Trump for the unrest in the city. Back in June, the Austin city council casted a vote of “no confidence” regarding the city’s police leaders. They did so under the guise of trying to end police brutality against minorities. Funny enough, Austin has not had many high-profile instances of police brutality or racial antagonism in recent memory.

I think they’re appeasing left-wing radicals who think this is a good idea,” Paxton stated.

Austin has already been experiencing a significant increase in murders since last summer. BLP previously reported that the city’s murder rate has increased in the last year.

Thankfully, Austin is in Texas — a state with solid gun laws that actually lets people exercise lethal force in self-defense.

Unfortunately, the state’s politics is gradually changing due to shifting demographics and as a result, it could be subject to all sorts of wacky leftist policies should Democrats take power.

Conservatives in the Lone Star State can at least rest easy knowing that they have a governor who will actually stand up for them and push back against the radical Left’s plot to destroy law enforcement.

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