The Anti-Defamation League Wants to Unperson Members of the Dissident Right

After Sacha Baron Cohen gave a speech at the Anti-Defamation League’s Never is Now Summit, the ADL is now more emboldened than ever in trying to wipe out the Dissident Right’s presence off of social media platforms.

During the speech. Baron Cohen said “I think we could all agree that we should not be giving bigots and pedophiles a free platform to amplify their views and target their victims.”

The ADL now wants to ratchet up its censorship efforts and is of the opinion that social media companies are not doing enough to crack down on alleged “anti-Semitism”:

While lesser-known platforms continue to peddle the most noxious and violent anti-Semitic content, even a cursory examination of content hosted by major social media platforms illustrates their continued inaction in the face of anti-Semitism and other forms of hate. Despite companies’ promises to address this scourge, they persist in providing anti-Semites easy access to a global audience.

Further, the ADL single out individuals such as E. Michael Jones and Vincent James for “espousing virulent anti-Semitic views with active accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.” The ADL believes that these accounts “should have been removed long ago and It’s well past time for social media giants to take responsibility for the content they host, promote and disseminate.”

Dave Reilly of Culture Wars MAgazine noted that “The ADL is attempting to have my boss @EMichaelJones1 and my friend @elephants_red De-Platformed. Another friend, @Perpetualmaniac is doing great work exposing how this group is using AI and machine learning to silence people like us. It won’t work!”

The ADL claims that E. Michael Jones “portrays Judaism as inherently threatening towards Christianity.” Jones is one of the leading critiques of social degeneracy, which is one of the most salient features of the present-day global consumer imperium Westerners live in.

Similarly, the ADL took shoots at The Red Elephants by claiming that its YouTube personality, Vincent James, “promotes conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic beliefs and white supremacist mantras. The ADL added that “those associated with the Red Elephants have participated in rightwing and explicitly white supremacist rallies and demonstrations.”

James has been one of the leading proponents of an America First migration policy and has called attention to the substantial demographic shift the 1965 Immigration Act has brought about in America. The electoral implications of mass migration are his main focus. His observations have formed the bedrock of talking points used throughout the so-called Groyper Wars against movement conservative figures such as Charlie Kirk.

2020 is quickly approaching and the Deep State along with its Big Tech allies are scrambling to prevent a repeat of 2016. The first targets will be those on the Dissident Right that ask questions that go against the globalist narrative that has consumed the West during the last few decades.

Now more than ever, right wing listeners and viewers must support their creators in these times of social media thought-policing.

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