The OTHER Rick and Morty Creator Tweets Drawing of Naked Barron Trump

Just days after “Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon deleted his Twitter account after a vile old tweet surfaced, the show’s other co-creator has landed himself in hot water too.

“Donald trump forcing baron to play VR, while homer and Peter eat smurfs nearby,” wrote Justin Roiland, posting a drawing of a naked Barron Trump.

We’ve censored the image below, the original is uncensored.

What is it about these Hollyweird types that makes them attracted to portraying pedophilic imagery?

Before Harmon and Roiland were called out for their own indecency, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” director James Gunn was fired after thousands of Tweets alluding to pedophilia surfaced. Liberals and the #NeverTrump crowd, Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck included, defended Gunn.

On Harmon, Big League Politics reported:

Another Twitter account bites the dust after a decade-old video where Rick and Morty co-creator, Dan Harmon, reenacts a baby being raped resurfaces and goes viral.

The video begins with Dan saying, “Hi, I’m Dan Harmon. You’re about to watch my controversial new pilot “Daryl”. Seemingly to be a parody of Showtime’s popular crime show Dexter, the video shows Harmon, playing the part of “Daryl”, a therapist who rapes the infants belonging to his patients. “I rape babies,” Harmon says directly into the camera. Daryl goes on to claim he can stop people from becoming serial killers just by raping them when they’re babies. One of the scenes includes Harmon’s character climbing through the window of one of his patients, pulling down his pants and crawling on top of the patient’s sleeping infant (a baby doll in the skit).

While attending Comic-Con weekend in San Diego with fellow “Rick and Morty” co-creator, Justin Roiland, Harmon’s video “Daryl” resurfaced and is now sitting at 50,000 views on BitChute.

BLP Passage Ends. 

Something is seriously wrong with our culture when people like Roiland, Harmon and Gunn are creating our entertainment.

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