‘They’re Coming For Your Children’: Lauren Witzke Explains the Endgame of the Trans Agenda

On the most recent edition of Big League Politics Live, former Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke minced no words when she was asked about the direction in which the LGBT agenda is taking the West.

“Can you speak about the LGBT endgame? Where do you think this is headed?” the host asked Witzke.

“We are already there. They are coming for your children. They are coming for little girls. I was suspended this past week for calling out demonic activity for what it was. This transgender was saying that little girls aren’t really princesses so transgender men, women, it, whatever they’re called, walk into the women’s bathroom and abuse little girls, those little girls deserved it because they’re really kinky,” Witzke responded.

“This is where we are at in society. And guess what? They are coming for parental rights. They’ve already stripped parents of their rights to protect their children from gender transition. It was always about the children. That was always the goal, and in a matter of ten years, we have went from ‘oh, we just want to get married!’ to ‘oh, if you don’t let us chemically castrate our kids, we’re going to throw you in prison.’ And this is where we are at, and they called us crazy when we talked about the slippery slope, but the agenda was always the children,” she added – calling for legislation to protect children and their parents from the transgender menace.

Big League Politics has reported on how states are taking measures to prevent the transgender plague from spreading to the youth:

A South Dakota lawmaker is introducing legislation that would throw doctors in jail who help transgender children along on their gender transition by dosing them with drugs and performing surgeries to mutilate their genitals.

The Vulnerable Child Protection Act, or House Bill 1057, would make it a class four felony for doctors in the state of South Dakota to surgically alter the gender of a child. It would also criminalize a doctor from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to children as well.

“It is a bill to protect vulnerable South Dakota children who have some challenges with understanding if they’re a boy or a girl. It’s the same penalty as we established in the Female Genital Mutilation bill, I copied the penalty from that bill. I think of the procedures as similar, they’re both mutilating procedures,” said Representative Fred Deutsch, who proposed the bill during the first week of the new legislative session.

Deutsch said that he became aware of the issue months ago on social media, and felt the need to take action against this bizarre and destructive trend.

“I listened to their stories and the next thing I did was check if there’s any doctors in South Dakota that provide these mutilating or sterilizing procedures, I found there were a number of them and decided to draft a bill to protect our children from these doctors,” Deutsch said.

Witzke’s full uncensored appearance on BLP Live can be seen here.

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