TROLLED: Hundreds Of SJW’s Protest a Fake Rally at UNC

Earlier today, Big League Politics thoroughly debunked rumors of a white nationalist rally being organized by a fictitious group going by the name “Kool Kekistani Kids” (KKK). Despite the rally being thoroughly debunked, thousands of protesters showed up to try to shut down the fake rally.

The man who spread the rally hoax did it to troll Dwayne Dixon, the leftist protester who admitted to chasing James Fields, the Charlottesville rally-goer who ran down a crowd with his car, with a rifle. When confronted by Big League Politics editor Patrick Howley, Dixon refused to answer questions about the event, and assaulted a cameraman.

The man who “organized” the initial rally, Kevin Cormier, told Big League Politics that it was a joke, and that the group, “Kool Kekistani Kids” is a fictional group.

Despite this, hundreds of protesters showed up, and Dwayne Dixon was the main event of the rally, receiving thunderous applause. Dixon has still dodged questions after he publicly admitted to chasing Charlottesville driver James Fields with a rifle.


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