Trump-Backed Idaho Gov. Candidate Janice McGeachin Stands Her Ground Amidst Controversy Over Participation in Right-Wing Conference

Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin is refusing to back down after being targeted by the left-wing mob over her participation in the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) in February, which has been called a white nationalist event by critics.

McGeachin spoke to Valiant News where she explained that she would not have her behaviors influenced by her liberal enemies who are at war with American values.

“I’m not gonna back off from the opportunity to talk to conservatives across the country,” McGeachin said, adding that she was invited by best-selling author Michelle Malkin to record a message for participants in the conference.

“I’m not going to back off from the opportunity to talk to other conservatives across the country about America First policies,” McGeachin added.

McGeachin is endorsed by President Donald Trump in her campaign to unseat RINO Governor Brad Little, who denied election fraud and instituted draconian COVID-19 mandates throughout Idaho.

“I was always opposed to those decisions of the Governor. Some people have questioned why I haven’t been more supportive of him, or why am I working against my boss,” she said.

“He’s not my boss. The people of Idaho are my boss, and my oath was to our laws and the constitution, so whenever are those are being violated I’m going to speak out loudly,” McGeachin added.

McGeachin hopes her primary victory against Little in Idaho will be a strong rebuke of weak Republicanism that refuses to stand against the globalist regime.

“I hear the cries of people whose lives have been flipped upside down,” McGeachin said. “We do have a vaccine mandate in our state and thousands of people have lost their job because of that.” 

“I’ve had people calling into my office in tears and near suicide because they were so depressed, as for whatever reason they chose not to take the vaccine, and they were forced out of their job, their career that they love so much,” she added. “What is the Governor doing to help the people of Idaho? Nothing.”

Big League Politics reported on how Little doubled down on senseless COVID restrictions after McGeachin used her authority to ban them:

Idaho Gov. Brad Little reimplemented mask mandates throughout his state after his Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin had previously issued an executive order banning them.

Little chided McGeachin for her alleged abuse of power while reimplementing mask mandates throughout the state. Little was partying with lobbyists and cronies at an exclusive Republican Governors Association meeting in Tennessee when McGeachin took charge and made the order.

“The action that took place while I was traveling this week is not gubernatorial. The action that took place was an irresponsible, self-serving political stunt,” Little said. 

“Taking the earliest opportunity to act solitarily on a highly politicized, polarizing issue without conferring with local jurisdictions, legislators, and the sitting Governor is, simply put, an abuse of power,” he added.

McGeachin snapped back over Twitter, pointing out that Little’s failure in leadership during the COVID-19 crisis hurt Idaho residents throughout the mass hysteria episode:

… McGeachin is demonstrating what courage looks like from the Lt. Gov. post. Little should step aside and allow her to take over the reigns as governor before he harms his state further.”

The people of Idaho need McGeachin as their next governor, and her unwillingness to back down to the far-left mob over her participation in AFPAC is a great sign that she will keep her backbone as she is leading her state.

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