Trump-Endorsed Michigan Candidate Explains Why Opposing ‘Neocon’ Foreign Policy is Crucial for America First Agenda

Trump-backed Michigan state senate candidate Jonathan Lindsey told Big League Politics Live that he believes foreign policy is a key issue for the nascent America First movement.

Lindsey explained how the Left pointed out the problems with the endless wars, surveillance state and “insanity” of the global war on terror during the Bush years only to flip and support these same policies as they were rebranded during the Obama administration.

“Our blood and treasure in the United States goes to fund what is really just a power consolidation game for government officials that has the byproduct of enriching a lot of people that are not us, the Middle Class,” he said.

“We pay with the blood of our sons and daughters and with untold amounts of debt, the trillions and trillions of dollars we spend on this stuff,” Lindsey added.

Lindsey gave the credit to Trump for creating an America First movement that supports American national security interests while realizing that fighting every battle overseas can be counterproductive toward these interests.

“The idea of America First is something that, 20 or 30 years ago, was utterly uncontroversial… Any time you get to the point where government has grown, and the security state is just one example of this, where they are off on these adventures, that it’s really hard to connect the dots and say, ‘How does that protect my rights?’ I mean, they’re always trying to tell us we’re chasing the next terrorist, and in the end this would be great for us, but I think people became aware that it wasn’t beneficial to the American people what we were doing,” he said.

Lindsey added: “It’s even not an anti-war stance per se, but it’s saying, put everything through the filter if you’re going to take the military action or talk about the defense apparatus of the state, put it all through the filter of: ‘Is this good for the American people?’”

Lindsey’s position on foreign policy is very similar to another Trump-backed candidate, Joe Kent of Washington State. Kent, an Iraq War veteran, also appeared on BLP Live where he described the importance of an America First foreign policy:

Kent explained his story and how that makes him care about not putting the troops in needless peril. He served his country as a special operations officer in the Armed Services for 20 years. The Pentagon bureaucracy, in bed with the defense contractors and military-industrial complex, put his wife in harm’s way by opposing President Trump’s plan to bring troops home from Syria. 

“My wife, Shannon Kent, who was also in the military, was killed fighting ISIS in Syria. This was at a pretty pivotal time in President Trump’s presidency. This was right after he tried to get us out of Syria the first time so Shannon was killed a month after he tried the initial pullout,” he said.

Kent called out former Defense Secretary James Mattis and other federal bureaucrats for obstructing Trump’s peace plan. He said that it became incumbent upon him to speak in favor of Trump’s foreign policy so tragedies such as what happened to his late wife would not happen again to our nation’s heroes.

“I felt that it was my place to articulate to the American people that President Trump was doing the right thing, he was trying to put America First, fulfill his campaign promises and get us out of these wasteful wars,” he said.”

Patriotic veterans are speaking out against the foreign policy establishment that has put countless military heroes through the meat grinder, only to leave them homeless and vulnerable to suicide when they come back home. This is the essence of the America First movement and what resonates with middle America.

The full BLP Live video can be seen here:

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