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Trump Slams GOP ‘Deadheads’ Who ‘Sabotaged’ McCain/Palin Campaign: ‘Hope They Were Happy with OBiden, Who Gave You Me!’

He never misses an opportunity to slam the GOP establishment.



President Donald Trump hit the Republican Party establishment in a Thursday morning tweet, accusing them of sabotaging the presidential campaign of deceased former Sen. John McCain.

He re-tweeted a video from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who was slated to be McCain’s vice president if he won the 2008 election. McCain was famously devastated by Barack H. Obama, and the result was eight years of darkness enveloping America.

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During her appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Palin explained how GOP establishment consultants such as Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt, who recently co-founded the “Lincoln Project” to put the Democrats back into office, have always been working against Republican victory.

“They jumped ship early in terms of their enthusiasm for the Republicans being elected that year in ’08 and that’s evident by what they’re doing today,” she said.

Palin referred to people like Schmidt and Wallace as “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” adding that “there was a lot of sabotage going on there.”

Big League Politics has reported extensively about the Lincoln Project and how liberals are discovering that it is a neoconservative scam to push their failed ideas on the Democrats:

Long-time GOP political hack Rick Wilson has turned on his former party because of President Donald Trump, co-founding the Lincoln Project in an attempt to sabotage Trump’s chances at re-election.

However, Wilson’s Benedict Arnold routine has not impressed liberals. CBS News tore him apart in a recent animated clip showcasing his incredible hypocrisy. The animated hosts of “Inside the Hill” grilled Wilson and the Lincoln Project for being connected to the former administration of George W. Bush.

“We really miss Bush. He always did what was right for the country, that country being Saudi Arabia,” one of the hosts said.

Wilson retorted by attempting to get the conversation back to President Trump, whom he called “unquestionably the worst president in history.”

The hosts lampooned Wilson by juxtaposing the “bad” deficit increases, corruption, racism and countless deaths of Trump against the “good” deficit increases, corruption, racism and countless deaths of Bush.

“Ya know, I miss the Republican Party before it embraced Trump, back when it only laid the groundwork for him,” an animated host remarked.

The hosts noted that MSNBC hosts have coalesced around the Lincoln Project and supported globalist neoconservatives reinventing themselves as Democrats in the age of Trump. They brought up some of Wilson’s old offensive tweets against liberals, which made him squirm in his seat.

“Dear Nutroots lefties: You are Barack Obama’s bitch. You are pathetic little whores satisfied with crumbs and head-pats,” an old Wilson tweet from 2010 reads.

Wilson tried to distance himself from his old tweets, but the hosts continued to press him on his hypocrisy. They noted that the Lincoln Project spent 89.3 percent of its donations on overhead, which is far more than comparative operations, suggesting that the entire operation is a con to soak up money from suckers.

“You’re looking at the startup and acquisition costs from the first quarter. The second quarter is going to show that we have a massive amount of money escrowed in the bank for media and voter contact in the fall,” Wilson said in an attempt to explain his organization’s structure.

CBS News then debuted a mock-up ad in the style of the Lincoln Project that tore into the group’s advisors for supporting the atrocities of the Bush era.

“President Trump is the most incompetent corrupt president in history, and we have to do everything we can to stop him after compensating our strategists complicit in the deaths of countless innocent lives,” the fake ad stated.

“Stop this corrupt grifter ruining America. Donate to these savvy grifters who ruined it before and hope you don’t look into them,” the fake ad concluded.

President Trump’s MAGA movement has exposed the traitors and phonies within the Republican fold like never before. If he wins re-election in November, those interests are out of GOP for good.

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Prominent Trump Backers Join Progressive Leftists to Sign Letter Urging the President to Pardon Julian Assange

Trump must act while there is still time.



President Donald Trump is being urged by a bipartisan coalition to pardon whistleblowers’ advocate Julian Assange, who is facing charges under the Espionage Act for reporting accurately on war crimes and other heinous government and corporate abuses.

The WikiLeaks founder has been brutalized in a hellish super-max prison in Britain awaiting possible extradition to the U.S. for nearly two years now. Trump has a chance to foil the deep state’s plans to make an example of Assange and set the precedent for other journalists to be attacked in a similar manner.

An eclectic mix of individuals, including hardcore Trump backers, far-left civil liberties activists, former Nobel Prize winners, and current and former heads of state, have signed onto a letter imploring the president to pardon Assange.

The letter, which was delivered in December, urges President Trump to put a “defining stamp on your presidential legacy by pardoning Julian Assange or stopping his extradition.” It was signed by veteran right-wing operatives Roger Stone and Dinesh D’Souza, both of whom received pardons from the president.

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The former presidents of the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Switzerland, Columbia and Brazil also signed the letter. Other signatories include former Nobel Laureates Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Mairead Maguire, Shirin Ebadi and Rigoberta Menchú.

“The US prosecution of Assange is unprecedented: he faces 175 years in prison for the same publications for which he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This prosecution threatens the constitutional protections that Americans hold dear. By offering a pardon, to put a stop to the prosecution of Assange, your presidency will be remembered for having saved First Amendment protections for all Americans,” the letter stated.

Other notable signatories on the letter include Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), actress Pamela Anderson, film director Oliver Stone, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, best-selling libertarian author Tom Woods, and many others.

Big League Politics has reported on Assange’s detention after the informational titan had been arguably the most influential media personality responsible for Crooked Hillary’s stunning defeat in 2016:

Former Texas Republican and ‘god father’ of the tea party movement Ron Paul thinks the deep state may be out to shut WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange up permanently.

The 83-year-old liberty icon spoke out about the ongoing abuse of Assange by U.K. authorities on an edition of his “Ron Paul Liberty Report” broadcast earlier today. Paul believes the mistreatment of Assange is undergoing is a ‘tragic story’ emblematic of how the deep state treats whistle-blowers.

Paul compares the treatment of Assange by U.K. authorities to how the North Koreans treated U.S. student Otto Warmbier before he died.

“If he had a terminal disease or something happens to him, good, bad, or whatever and he dies in the prison, how would we look a lot different to the North Koreans on the surface?” Paul asked.

Paul noted reports of Assange’s “very very bad” health and feels that U.K. and U.S. authorities want to make an example of the man “for being a journalist” by either killing him or putting him in prison for life…

Nils Melzer, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on torture, visited Assange with two medical professionals who have a background in examining torture victims on May 9. He issued a report on the “the extremely hostile and arbitrary environment” created for Assange.

Melzer claims the U.K, along with the U.S. and Ecuador, are engaging in “relentless and unrestrained campaign of public mobbing, intimidation and defamation against Mr. Assange.”

Assange was ejected from the Ecuadorean embassy in the UK after his asylum status was revoked in April. He was previously isolated from society under house arrest there for seven years.

The detention of Assange shows that no good deed goes unpunished in this cruel, backward world. President Trump has a chance to salvage his legacy if he pardons Assange. If Trump fails in this regard, the deep state will have escaped his four-year term without any major push back against their unconstitutional overreach.

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