Trump To Kids Of Media: “Join Me In The Oval Office, Leave Your Parents.”

In celebration of “Take Your Children to Work Day,” President Donald Trump hosted the children of a number of members of the media at the White House. While on the White House lawn, the President offered to bring the children into the oval office, but added one rule: “leave your parents out here.”

When he later asked again, he gave the children a choice, asking “do you want your parents in the oval office, or out.” The yells for “out” far outweighed the calls to let them in. Trump later led the children into the White House.

Trump spent much of his time with the children making fun of their journalist parents. He stated that they “ask better questions than their parents,” and stated that the parents were being so well behaved because they “don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of [their kids].”

The kids seemed to love the President, creating a mob in front of the President in order to get signatures from Trump.