Trump WALLOPS Joe Biden in New Poll of Hypothetical 2024 Election Matchup

Polling commissioned by Rasmussen and released Tuesday shows former President Donald Trump with a considerable six percentage point lead over his successor, should Trump and Biden face off in a 2024 election rematch.

46% of likely 2024 voters indicate they would vote to reelect Trump in the poll, with only 40% opting to give Biden a second term.

Over a majority (52%) of Americans view Biden unfavorably, with 42% viewing him as “very unfavorably.” In contrast, a majority of voters (51%) view Donald Trump favorably, with 31% viewing him “very favorably.”

Hispanic voters were almost evenly split according to the poll, in an electoral development with positive implications for Republicans in states such as Arizona, Texas, Florida and Nevada. 41% of Hispanics indicated support for Biden, with 38% for Trump.

The poll, which surveyed 1,106 likely 2024 voters over the telephone, may represent President Trump’s largest lead yet in a poll of a rematch with his successor. Voters cited Biden’s poor performance on national security and the economy, with inflation and economic dysfunction already eroding the value of Americans’ savings and rising the cost of living in America in the first weeks of 2022.

Insinuations over personal characteristics have taken a backseat in regards to Biden’s seemingly limitless failures on matters of governance and policy proposals, with the President’s administration seemingly too inept to enact any pieces of major legislation, while failing monumentally on his signature campaign promise to “shut down” the coronavirus.

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