Tucker Carlson Interviews ‘Fat Tire Biker’ Involved in Dispute With CNN’s Cuomo

Tucker Carlson interviewed a man whom CNN’s Chris Cuomo described as a “jacka**, loser, fat tire biker” on his show Friday night, giving the Long Island resident a chance to explain his side of the story after being trash-talked by CNN’s Fredo on his SiriusXM radio show.

David Whelan got into a verbal dispute of some sort with Cuomo when riding his bike near the CNN host’s house. Cuomo had earlier claimed the man aggressively accosted him with political rhetoric, but Whelan has a much different account of events than Cuomo did. And from the looks of it, he’s not even noticeably obese or overweight.

Watch the segment here:

Cuomo’s account of the bizarre dispute made it seem as if Whelan had engaged him in the vicinity of his home, but the “jacka** biker” has a far different version of the story, recounting that he was riding his bike on public lands on a trail that passed by a new home that Cuomo is arranging to be built.

After stopping, Whelan was reportedly engaged by Cuomo’s wife, and shortly after recognized Cuomo in his presence. He asked Cuomo why he wasn’t quarantining(Cuomo was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier in the month) in response to which Cuomo exploded with visible anger.

Cuomo had described the event as if he had been aggressively harassed, but Whelan’s questioning of why Cuomo was outside-recently after being diagnosed with coronavirus- seems entirely reasonable, considering the mainstream media host was irresponsible to approach an older individual with carrying the disease.

Cuomo apparently subtly threatened the man, telling Whelan that he was going to “meet me again over this.

The relatively minor incident seemed to have been enough for Cuomo to question why he works for CNN, stating that it prevented him from going off on the biker in the fashion he apparently wanted to.

Tucker summarized Whelan’s side of the story perfectly.

The last thing you need is to get infected by a CNN anchor who calls you a loser.

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