Tucker Carlson: Pardon Roger Stone After Russia Hoax Exposed

The mainstream media’s Russia-Collusion conspiracy theory burned to a crisp over the weekend.

No American has been and will be indicted for “colluding” with the Russian government to affect the 2016 Presidential election.

The two-year probe, which has amounted to exactly nothing,  proved to be tremendously damaging to many individuals associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Tucker Carlson called for that injustice to be remedied on Friday, calling for a full presidential pardon for the individuals who had been indicted by Mueller for nominally lying to Congress. Roger Stone is one such individual, having been charged by Mueller with making false statements.

Watch Carlson’s segment here:

All of Mueller’s indictments — with the singular exception of Paul Manafort, who was charged with corrupt dealings related to laundering payments from a Ukrainian political party in the mid 2000’s — were process violations.

It would be fitting for President Trump to provide a presidential pardon to Stone, having been charged by a probe shown to have no legitimate target, Carlson argues.

Pardoning Stone, in addition to other individuals charged with process violations such as George Papadopoulos, could send a powerful message to the Deep State as a means to deter further taxpayer-funded witch hunts seeking to utilize the powers of federal prosecution for political purposes.

Stone was rounded up in an early morning FBI raid, having been confronted by a tactical team of FBI agents with automatic rifles despite being arrested for a mere process violation. The heavy-handedness in which the government acted suggests even more of a need for a pardon. He’s previously committed to fighting the charges in exchanges with Tucker.

The Russia conspiracists will end up with nothing, having investigated supposed collusion for two years. It’s unlikely those in the media-industrial complex who aided and abetted delusional conspiracies related to alleged collusion will ever face any real professional or personal consequences. An illegitimate prosecution of process violations on shamelessly political grounds is a perfect target for a Presidential pardon.

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