Tucker Supporters Unearth Several Racist Tweets From CNN Reporter

Leftist non-profit Media Matters for America went and did it again. They thought they could bully conservatives without repercussions and assumed that conservatives would not stand up for themselves or go on the offensive.

This time, though, they messed with Tucker Carlson – perhaps the only mainstream conservative left with any fight in him, whose supporters are willing to roll up their sleeves and fight alongside him.

When the MMFA smear merchants unearthed Carlson saying only arguably-controversial things on a radio show 13 years ago, he blew those goofballs off, and conservatives made it very clear: we’re done with being harassed by the party of Governor Klansman in Virginia, his alleged rapist sidekick, anti-Semitic Somali Congresswomen, homophobic cable news anchors, and now, racist CNN reporters.

Conservative commentator Arthur Schwartz dug up and posted the following Tweets from CNN “jourmalist” Elissa Núñez Monday morning, and they’re not pretty.

Here’s a Tweet in which she discussed the menstrual cycle of black women:

And another where she refers to “ghetto black girl nails,” whatever that means.

And finally, one where she used the “n” word.

Sorry that you had to become a pawn in this nasty game, Elissa, but your side started it. This isn’t your father’s conservatism. We will no longer take these smears lying down.

This reporter, for one, will be anxiously awaiting the calls for CNN boycotts.

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