Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Will Speak at World Economic Forum Summit in Davos

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be a guest of honor for the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) annual conflab set to take place later in the month.

The WEF annual meeting will be taking place in Davos from May 22 to 26, and Zelensky will appear via Zoom in order to continue his relentless propaganda drive for World War 3. 

Zelensky will be appearing to speak and take praise before an extensive roster of the world’s most powerful and influential people.

“The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 convenes at the most consequential geopolitical and geo-economic moment of the past three decades and against the backdrop of a once-in-a-century pandemic. The meeting will bring together over 2,000 leaders and experts from around the world, all committed to a “Davos Spirit” of improving the state of the world,” the globalist organization stated on the official website of their conference.

Big League Politics has reported on Zelensky spreading WEF propaganda on issues like climate change:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, doing the bidding of his globalist puppet masters, is now openly advocating for the “Great Reset” agenda.

“Long before this war, it was clear that humanity should reduce the use of fossil fuels. The era of coal and oil has caused huge damage to the environment, to our planet as a whole,” the actor stated, repeating globalist talking points about climate change.

“Green technologies and green energy have become a logical and just answer to this challenge. European policy is already aimed at reducing the consumption of environmentally hazardous resources. But Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and against everything that life in Europe is built on is an argument to accelerate the green transformation on this continent,” Zelensky added, advocating for policies directly out of the Great Reset playbook.

His full statement can be seen here:

… Zelensky is a puppet who is likely giving speeches in front of a green screen advocating for more Ukrainians to die to prop up his corrupt regime that was installed after a foreign-backed color revolution coup. He is one of the worst men on the planet and is a soulless minion of the New World Order.”

Zelensky is perhaps the world’s most pathetic and groveling puppet for the globalist agenda with his lionization being an invention of Western propaganda organs. This is why he is being honored with a WEF visit on the road to the satanic Great Reset promoted by their demonic chairman Klaus Schwab.

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