Ukrainian Website Blacklists Pink Floyd Co-Founder Roger Waters for His Comments about Crimea 

Roger Waters, the singer and co-founder of British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, was blacklisted by the Ukrainian website Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) for the remarks he recently made about Crimea.

Mirotvorets posts the information of individuals who the Ukrainian state views as its enemies. Per a statement that was published on Mirotvorets’ website, the administrators of the website perceived the musician’s remarks about Crimea as “an attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

On the website, the administrators published Waters’ statement that they view as “threatening Ukraine’s security.” Russian state-affiliated media outlet TAAS highlighted it below: 

I know that Sevastopol is very important to Russia and the Russians. There are many treaties and papers under which Russia has all rights to this city. The change of power in Ukraine with Washington behind it simply provoked Moscow into further action.

In a previous interview on CNN, Waters declared that Joe Biden’s regime was engaging in criminal behavior by escalating the proxy conflict in Ukraine.

Waters has been one of the most prolific celebrity figures to criticize the Collective West’s proxy conflict against Russia in Ukraine. Since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Collective West has launched a vigorous sanction and media demonization campaign against Russia. 

BLP previously reported that Hercules: The Legendary Journeys star Kevin Sorbo has called for halting military aid to Ukraine. While most of Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry is firmly on the cultural Left and globalist bandwagon, there are increasing number of prominent individuals who are growing uneasy with the present political order. This geopolitical scam can only last for so long. Plus, information more decentralized than ever, so competing narratives can penetrate even the most solid of legacy institutions. 

Hopefully, more individuals with social influence unplug from the Matrix and start offering genuine dissent to the powers that be.

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