UNC Resistance Leader: Students Covered Grieving Family’s Silent Sam Flowers With ‘Piss And Spit’

University of North Carolina activist Maya Little stated that students urinated and spat on flowers placed at the base of the Silent Sam statue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The flowers were meant to honor the late Richard Monroe Gray of the Georgia Infantry.

Antifa radicals have been back on the UNC campus on multiple occasions since Silent Sam was torn down, with cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon lording over a team of left-wing radicals operating out of Durham, North Carolina. Sam Carey, a mixed martial artist, was back on UNC as a third riot broke out in recent weeks. (READ: Silent Sam Destroyers Identified As The Antifa Leaders From Charlottesville).

Thom Goolsbee led an effort on the university board to restore fallen Silent Sam, and UNC Chancellor Holt eventually determined that she would bring Sam back but move him to a different location on campus — not in his noble perch on the campus square facing Franklin Street, where he stood for more than 100 years since 1913.

While Dixon’s team runs the operations at these violent protests, the mainstream media both nationally and in North Carolina report the narrative that anti-Silent Sam unrest is the doing of student activists. Maya Little, who appeared at court in Hillsborough in solidarity with her arrested comrades, is making her hatred for institutions clear.

“students have now covered those flowers in piss and spit in memory of silent sam getting his ass kicked and getting carried in a dump truck off campus lmao. #FuckYourStatue,” Maya Little wrote. Her comment has been saved repeatedly should she choose to delete it now.


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