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Silent Sam Destroyers Identified As The Antifa Leaders From Charlottesville



CHAPEL HILL — The Antifa leaders who tore down the Silent Sam Confederate statue on August 20 on the University of North Carolina campus were also integrally involved in Antifa activities at the fatal “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Big League Politics has exclusively obtained information on the suspects. This information is currently in the possession of Chapel Hill police officers. The evidence below exposes a close-knit sect of left-wing agitators mostly based in Durham, North Carolina. Their network operates in part out of the Elevate MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym in Durham, where the conspirators practice combat techniques, and is linked to high-profile activists including Chelsea Manning.

UNC cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon is under police investigation for assaulting me at the August 20 rally in an incident that I captured on video. Dixon has not been fired by the university, but his network of criminal collaborators is unraveling. The university Board of Governors promises that Silent Sam will be restored to its original place on campus within 83 days. Meanwhile, police are making some arrests and stating that more arrests could be forthcoming. The Board is visibly outraged at the conduct of campus police, who took orders to stand down and allowed protesters to topple the statue without resistance.

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So far three people have been arrested for the literal act of tearing down Silent Sam. Jonathan Fitzgerald Fuller, Lauren Aucoin, and Raul Arce Jimenez have been charged with misdemeanor rioting and misdemeanor defacing a public monument. Seven more activists were arrested Saturday when a follow-up protest turned violent, with left-wingers unsuccessfully charging a campus building, assaulting people, and trying to light fire to a Confederate flag.

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Chancellor Carol Folt said Saturday that none of the arrestees have been University of North Carolina students. Her statement turns out to be an understatement.

Ten suspects were wanted by Charlottesville police in connection with a downtown assault on August 12, 2017, that fateful Virginia day Heather Heyer lost her life. Of those ten suspects, at least three of them were present with professor Dwayne Dixon on the University of North Carolina campus when Silent Sam came down.

Here are the ringleaders of the chaos in Chapel Hill, some of whom were also in Charlottesville:

Dwayne Dixon

Current UNC cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon was the de facto leader of the August 20 rally, holding court near the statue flanked by his muscle. The gun-toting leader of the left-wing Redneck Revolt militia group, Dixon mostly carried out his activist plots in anonymity. Until Charlottesville.

I asked Dixon about his well-documented admission that he chased driver James Fields with a rifle right before Fields plowed into protesters on Fourth Street in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017. Dixon became enraged. He rushed toward me, grabbed the phone in my hand, and struck me repeatedly before his goons convinced him to step away. Sadly, he warned me not to call him “brother” because there is no kinship between us, in Dwayne Dixon’s eyes.

Dixon bragged to his class about his actions in Charlottesville, confirming that he waved his rifle at James Fields and detailing a victorious left-wing plot by activists working in concert.

“It was actually the mobility, the improvisational power of the entire Left that won, effectively. Right? Even though Heather died,” said Dixon to his own class of young impressionable minds.

“So James Fields, driving his Charger, slow-rolled our western perimeters. So that was Fourth Street. Several times. One time he paused right in front of me. And I waved him off with my rifle. At his last pass he accelerated a block away and he killed Heather,” Dixon said.

“So I’m still grappling with the events of that day. So I’m trying to comprehend what happened,” Dixon said, criticizing the police and referring to protesters on his side who came back “bloodied.”

“I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism,” Dixon stated in a Facebook post reported by Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit.

Josh Mascharka

Josh Mascharka is an Antifa leader whose imprint can be found in multiple high-profile left-wing incidents, including the tearing down of Silent Sam.

Mascharka with his distinctive arm tattoos can be seen in this video footage in a white shirt, engaged in pulling the rope that brought down the Confederate monument. Mascharka’s friend Sam Carey, a fellow Antifa leader, can also be seen rushing toward the rope and apparently assisting in the pull-down.

Mascharka, like Dixon, distinguished himself with his actions in Charlottesville in 2017.

Here is Josh Mascharka assaulting a rival protester in Charlottesville. This photo went viral. Mascharka is holding a black flag, which is a common feature of Antifa protests. Antifa uses black flag-bearers to send signals to comrades in the crowd, usually to identify journalists or opposing operatives who need to be surveilled by the group.

Mascharka is the man on the right, wearing a mask, in this photo from Charlottesville. The man in the cap — second from left — is Sam Carey.

Sam Carey

Sam Carey is a high-ranking Antifa leader who was present at the Silent Sam removal, as evidenced by this video.

Here is Sam Carey in the middle of a confrontation in Charlottesville. His stance reveals his training in mixed martial arts, which he practices at the Elevate MMA gym in Durham.

Here is Sam Carey at a previous Silent Sam riot in 2017, which did not successfully result in the tearing down of the statue.

Sam Carey’s martial arts training partner James Neal Ritchie was active in Charlottesville last year, which provides another link between the Elevate MMA gym and the actions of Antifa in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Ritchie and his North Carolina crew do not use the “Black Boc” tactic, in which Antifa members disguise themselves almost entirely in black. Rather, Ritchie and his underlings practice a form of infiltration known as “Casual Bloc,” in which they try to pass as regular observers. This tactic is also known as “Chad and Becky Bloc” to underscore the importance of pretending to be normal people.

James Neal Ritchie was involved in the pull-down of a Confederate statue in Durham two days after Heyer’s death in Charlottesville. He was photographed at the scene of a previous Dwayne Dixon rally at UNC:

James Neal Ritchie was also present in Charlottesville. He was photographed there on August 12, 2017.

Adam Luke Senecaut

Josh Mascharka’s roommate Adam Luke Senecaut was present at the Silent Sam tear-down, as evidenced by his appearance in this video. Senecaut moved in with Mascharka in Chapel Hill after previously living in Des Moines, Iowa. Senecaut told the Des Moines Register that he personally witnessed Fields’ car crash in Charlottesville.


Lauren Nicole Aucoin

Lauren Aucoin (here’s one of her Facebook pages and here’s another) is one of three radicals so far to have been arrested for literally tearing down the statue, and she now faces misdemeanor charges. We do not have evidence at this time that Aucoin was present in Charlottesville in 2017.

Aucoin appears in this local news video at the 25 second mark, wearing a black bandanna, a black sleeveless shirt, and a camo hat.

Aucoin was photographed pulling the rope that brought down Silent Sam:

Here she is in the crowd standing next to Margarita Sitterson, the granddaughter of a former University of North Carolina chancellor whose last name adorns one of the buildings on campus. Sitterson admitted to participating in the rope-pulling that downed Silent Sam, but the well-heeled activist has yet to be arrested for her actions.

Aucoin was photographed prior to the riot flipping off a still-standing Silent Sam with notorious military leaker Chelsea Manning.

Aucoin can be seen pulling the rope in this video, alongside Marshacka:

Anderson Sweetser

Another member of this crew is Anderson Sweetser, who can be traced from the Silent Sam riot back to the melee in Charlottesville.

Anderson Sweetser can be seen at the 44 second mark in this video:

Here is Anderson Sweetser at the Silent Sam riot:

Here is Anderson Sweetser highlighted:

Here is Anderson Sweetser punching a man in Charlottesville:

Two Americas

As the Global Economy Craters, Bill Gates Buys New Oceanfront Mansion for $43 Million

Gates lives the high life while the rest of us suffer.



Technocratic oligarch Bill Gates is living high on the hog while the global economy crashes, picking up another mansion at the height of the coronavirus pandemic to add to his collection.

Gates purchased a $43 million beach home in Del Mar, Calif. with his wife Melinda last week. He bought the palatial estate from Madeleine Pickens, the widow of deceased oil baron T. Boone Pickens, which includes six bedrooms and four bathrooms in a lavish 5,800-square-foot home.

Architect Ken Ronchetti designed the home in 1999, and it is supposedly considered “one of the most prominent coastal contemporary beach homes on the West Coast.”

“Wide windows throughout the living spaces open to the back patio, offering a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The large patio also provides awe-inspiring vistas of the Pacific Ocean,” wrote in their description of the property.

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“Rich wood ceilings throughout the home evoke the feeling of being on an island, and the gorgeous pool beckons, should the owners desire to take a break from the salty ocean water,” they added.

Gates newest beach home accompanies his primary compound in Medina, Wash., a garish horse property in Rancho Santa Fee, Calif., and a massive plot of land in Wellington, Fla., which is considered the equestrian capital of the state.

Gates isn’t the only oligarch flaunting his extreme wealth during the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is also piling up many more billions due to human suffering.

Reports have indicated that Bezos has added a stunning $24 billion to his personal wealth throughout the coronavirus pandemic:

While many businesses are suffering during the global coronavirus crisis, Jeff Bezos is flourishing. In the midst of the backlash Amazon is facing due to its alleged treatment of employees, Bezos’ wallet remains obscenely healthy. As of last week, his net worth has reportedly increased by five percent, or better put, by a staggering $23.6 billion.

Over the last months, Amazon has seen a rise in demand as its customer base continues to self-isolate. To cope with the surge of orders, it has already hired thousands of new employees and aims to hire an additional 175,000. It has also pledged to prioritize essential items such as sanitizers and baby formula.

However, the increase in workforce has been met with controversy. Amazon has been repeatedly accused of failing to protect its staff from Covid-19 by not providing enough face masks, not implementing regular temperature checks as promised, and refusing paid sick leave.

Amazon has fired employees who’ve publicly criticized the company for its coronavirus response; the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is currently looking into these claims. Last week, the New York Post reported that an Amazon warehouse employee had passed away from the virus.

“We are calling out because Amazon is putting its revenue above our safety,” Jaylen Camp, an Amazon worker told The Guardian. “We are not essential to them – they just think of us as numbers and quotas. They are not protecting our health.” This failure is leading to huge warehouse strikes after over 130 Amazon warehouses in the US have contracted the virus, leading to more than 30 confirmed cases.

Gates can now enjoy beautiful oceanfront scenery to help inspire his vaccine-pushing schemes worldwide, as he regurgitates Chinese propaganda.

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