Unlike America, Mexico Enforces Border Security by Arresting Migrants

DW reports that Mexican police arrested around 300-500 Central American migrants outside the city of Pijijiapan, Chiapas close to the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Mexican police and immigration authorities apprehended the illegal immigrants who broke into Mexico with the goal of obtaining asylum in the United States.

This raid is one of the largest mounted against caravans since these mass migrant waves took off last year. After President Donald Trump threatened to close down the border last month if the caravans weren’t detained, Mexico has responded in kind with greater enforcement.

The recently arrested migrants were members of a caravan of about 3,000 Central Americans heading towards the U.S.

ZeroHedge reports that ” Thousands of Central American migrants – mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – made international headlines last October when they marched north through Mexico to the southern US border.”

This has inspired other caravans to make a similar trek northward. who claim to be running away from violence and poverty in their respective home countries. Curiously, they refuse offers of food, shelter, and work in Mexico.

Such movements have caused trouble in the U.S. with certain border towns like McAllen, Texas being flooded by unprecedented numbers of migrants.

BLP reported on how border crossing are on the verge of exceeding Bush-era levels.

There are steep costs to mass migration coming from Third World Countries.

Europe is already witnessing this at the social level, with countries like Germany becoming host to immigrant ghettoes.

On top of that, BLP detailed how current mass migration trends from Central America are costly for U.S. taxpayers.

It’s a bizarre time in politics when Mexico has more control over its border than the U.S.


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