Video Allegedly Shows Sri Lanka Terrorists Pledging Lives to Islamic State

Video Islamic State Sri Lanka

A video has surfaced purportedly showing the terrorists who committed the attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday pledging their lives to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, after the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

According to its news agency, the Islamic State has taken responsibility for the horrific terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that saw 290 Christians killed and over 500 wounded. The terrorist organization also released images and videos claiming to show the terrorists swearing allegiance to the Islamic State and its leader, allegedly recorded just prior to the devastating attacks.

The video shows the alleged terrorists huddling in a circle and praying for the success of their attack, and ends with an oath to al-Baghdadi.

According to reports, the Islamic State named 7 of the attackers in its statement, and referenced the locations in Sri Lanka that each of them attacked.

It is still unknown for certain if the Islamic State actually perpetrated the attack, though evidence seems to suggest that at least one of the reported attackers was pro-ISIS, as he had shared content from the ragtag terrorist group on Facebook in years prior.

Zahran Hashim, a man reported to be one of the attackers, considered himself an “Islamic Preacher” who held pro-ISIS views.

The attacks continue to look more like radical Muslims violence against Christians, even as Democrat politicians in the United States and their allies in the media attempt to minimize the religious aspect of the atrocities, going as far as to refer to Christians as “Easter worshippers” in their public comments.

Some in the Catholic Church, including Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is widely considered to be a future candidate to become Pope, are refusing to provide such an account.

Sarah referred to the attacks as an example of “barbaric Islamist violence” against Christians, who are constantly under attack worldwide.


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