VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out as Patriots Rise to Confront ANTIFA for Threatening a Disabled Veteran in Colorado Suburbs

A video is quickly going viral of ANTIFA domestic terrorists being repelled by a group of patriots after allegedly threatening a disabled military veteran.

The group of patriots can be seen in the video marching as ANTIFA terrorists back up, realizing that they aren’t in a liberal-dominated city like Portland or Seattle this time. The masked terrorists are jeered at by the patriots and clearly intimidated through their body language.

“So we are currently marching the ANTIFA commie b*stards out of the neighborhood because nobody wants ANTIFA in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here so we are marching them out,” the man taking the video said.

“Bye bye, commie scum! Bye bye, go home!” a man announced as the ANTIFA hordes were driven from the neighborhood.

At a certain point, a skirmish occurred and there was a brief brawl between the ANTIFA terrorists and the patriots driving them out of the neighborhood. It is unclear from the video how the brawl was started.

“You guys came to the wrong city, boys and girls,” a patriot announced as the brawl was taking place.

One of the communists in the skirmish had a knife, according to bystanders, but it does not appear that anyone was stabbed during the brief brawl. The police showed up after the fight had concluded. Cops can be seen arresting certain violent communists while the rest of the leftist mob fled.

The entire video can be viewed here.

Big League Politics has reported on how ANTIFA is devastating towns willing to tolerate their orgy of destruction, with Portland being perhaps the most embarrassing example of this national phenomenon:

Portland ANTIFA continued its reign of terror over the Oregon city on Saturday night, setting a fire within a Portland Police Bureau union building that the far-left militant group had already targeted and successfully burned on two previous occasions.

A combined force of the Portland Police and Oregon State Police ejected the far-left thugs from the area shortly after the arson attack on the union building, finally showing some force after it appeared the ANTIFA mob had free reign to act with impunity.

On Friday night, ANTIFA militants were observing congregating at a woman’s home before attacking her. The crowd has dispersed throughout the city for mob action this past week, selecting new targets after Portland finally took responsibility for the security of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The mob’s arson attack comes only days after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally admitted that the rioters are not “peaceful protestors,” having consistently defended the city’s left-wing militants as they attacked the Hatfield Courthouse. Now that protestors are back to targeting municipal buildings and structures, Wheeler seems to have a lot less patience for them, raising questions as to why he consistently failed to recognize the problem when federal law enforcement deployment to the courthouse were forced to deal with it.

ANTIFA may have to learn the hard way that not every American as is weak, cowed, feeble and submissive as Portland liberals.

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