VIDEO: Ilhan Omar Did It Again, Referred To Somalia As ‘My Country’

Ilhan Omar Somalia My Country

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) apparently made another Freudian slip in a newly resurfaced video, referring to Somalia as “my country” before quickly correcting herself with “the country I came from” in a speech in which she derided President Donald Trump and the famous “Muslim ban”.

In yet another example of Omar apparently putting her Somalian citizenship over her United States citizenship, a video has resurfaced of the freshman Congresswoman and card-carrying “The Squad” referring to Somalia as “my country.”

The video, posted by We Build The Wall’s Brian Kolfage, shows Omar saying “The first day this president introduced the Muslim ban, knowing that my co–the country I came from–“. The video is a short clip of a longer speech, in which Omar appears to have made the allusion that President Trump is somehow racist or Islamophobic due to the famous “Muslim ban”, which was actually a limited freeze on immigration for certain problematic countries identified by the Obama administration.

This is the second such video of Omar referring to Somalia as her country to resurface in the last two weeks.

In another recording of Omar speaking at the Revolution Somali Youth League in 2015, the Congresswoman referred to Somalia as “our nation back home.”

Big League Politics reported:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referred to Somalia as “our nation back home” in a newly resurfaced 2015 speech, adding fuel to the fire of the controversy surrounding her her anti-American, anti-Semitic sentiments.

Newly resurfaced video shows that, reportedly while speaking before the Revolution Somali Youth League in 2015, Omar told the audience that the 2016 elections represented an “ability” for Somali-Americans to influence the future of the United States, as well as Somalia.

“2016 is election cycle, and you guys have an ability to make an impact on where our nation is headed,” said Omar. “Not only here in the United States, but even our nation back home.”

Omar recently refused to condemn Antifa after a member of the radical leftist organization launched a terrorist attack using an AR-15 rifle and Molotov cocktails at a migrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington.

In fact, she was caught on video laughing maniacally as a journalist repeatedly asked her and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to disavow the organization.

Big League Politics reported:

Video journalist Keean Bexte repeatedly asked Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to disavow the Antifa Firebomber who attacked a migrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington last weekend. Apparently believing she was not on camera as she entered a vehicle, Omar is seen laughing maniacally as the journalist continued to ask questions, a reaction that audibly threw Bexte off kilter and appeared to shock the journalist.

“Do you feel responsible at all? Will you tell Americans not to be violent anymore? Antifa to be,” he stammered, noticing Omar laughing in the next seat over, “to be exact? Should Antifa stop being violent?”

On Twitter, Bexte wrote “After repeatedly asking @Ilhan and @AOC if they would condemn the Antifa firebomber, and if they felt partly responsible, the two got into their SUV and Omar (likely thinking she was off camera) burst into ear to ear laughter.” He added, “Was there ever a doubt Omar hated America?”

Omar and “The Squad” have thus far been completely unrepentant in their anti-American and often anti-Semitic views.


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