VIDEO: Vandal Burns Neighbor’s American Flag in Orlando By Cover of Night

A Florida man was caught on tape burning a man’s American flag on video last week in Orlando. The homeowner’s CCTV system revealed a man approaching the flag on his porch and lighting it on fire.

Watch the shocking act of vandalism here:

It’s unclear why this man, who as of Sunday night remains at large, was motivated to destroy an American flag on a community member’s private property. One neighbor in the community, Jessica Harper, stated that she had no idea why the anonymous suspect would engage in such behavior.

“It was heartbreaking to see that someone was willing to go to those lengths. It looks like somebody was having a good time with some alcohol earlier in the evening, which probably played a part, but still doesn’t justify the action.”

Generally, only the most vicious of leftists will be inclined to engage on hatefully destructive behavior such as American flag-burning. It’s possible the unknown suspect may have Antifa or other terrorist associations.

Antifa has been documented burning American flags en masse at protest events and street battles against right-wing demonstrators.

Antifa-linked demonstrators were seen burning the flag in protest of President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July military parade, expressing their distaste for all things American.

The homeowner who already suffered the loss of his American flag replaced the burned flag with a new one over the weekend. Orlando police are said to be investigating.

In the meantime, Orlando community members are on watch for an unAmerican bandit who possibly intends to strike against the American national symbol once again.

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