Virginia Protestors Rock Racist Ralph Northam Over His Ties to Dominion Energy

There’s an interesting subtext to the protests against Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, whom Big League Politics exposed for wearing blackface or a KKK hood during his days in medical school.

Monday, protestors gathered outside the State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, not just to call for Northam’s resignation over his racist past, but also for his ties to Dominion Power, the state’s energy company. The power company wields a great deal of influence over Northam, and is the single largest political donor in the state of Virginia.

One of its plans is to build a 600 mile natural-gas pipeline through three states, including Virginia, which is a point of contention for environmentalist-type leftists.

Dominion is one of the reasons for Northam’s staying power. The company donated a total of nearly $200,000 to his gubernatorial campaign in 2017. It was one of his largest single donors. Not only does the company want a return on its investment, but if Northam resigns he cedes power to Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

Fairfax, embattled in his own right due to multiple allegations of sexual assault, is not a friend of Dominion. The company did not donate a single penny to his campaign for lieutenant governor, despite the fact that he and Northam are both members of the Democratic Party. In fact, Fairfax very publicly denied Dominion’s cash. He is part of the environmentalist crowd seeking to deny Dominion influence over Virginia politics.

From Washington Post:

All three Democratic candidates for Virginia lieutenant governor have pledged not to take campaign contributions from utility giant Dominion Energy, another sign of how some politicians are distancing themselves from the state’s largest political donor.

The Democrats — former federal prosecutors Justin Fairfax and Gene Rossi and lobbyist Susan Platt — said Tuesday night that they were also skeptical about two planned natural-gas pipelines, one of which is a Dominion project and major priority for the utility.

Dominion’s proposed pipeline would run 600 miles from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina. While final approval of the project lies with federal regulators, state environmental officials appointed by the governor can deny permits for the project if they determine it would violate clean-water protections.

These facts were not lost on Monday’s protestors.

“F*** Ralph Northam, F*** Dominion,” was a popular chant among the leftist group of “environmental racism” protestors.

“Group of environmental racism/ justice advocates rally at Monroe Park over Union Hill pipeline, slated for African American community. They’re calling for Northam resignation,” said local news reporter Kelly Avellino.

Another popular chant, “I stand with Union Hill,” refers to a largely black neighborhood where Dominion wants to build a compressor station which protestors fear will pollute the community.

During the protest, the group did call for Fairfax’s resignation, too.

They also drew criticism for chanting “We got the guillotine, you better run!” in a menacing threat towards the elected officials.

Watch the full protest:

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