W.H.O. Begs for Funds After President Trump Threatens to Cut Them Off for Backing China

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come under fire for their organization’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and peddling Chinese propaganda, but they still demand to be subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer despite their ineffectiveness.

President Donald Trump has put WHO in the spotlight for their organization’s stunning level of incompetence in recent days.


“They called it wrong… They missed the call. They could’ve called it months earlier, they should’ve known. We’re going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO,” Trump said on Tuesday.

WHO officials are advocating to keep their gravy train rolling in, lecturing the public about their necessity during a pandemic.

“We are still in the acute phase of a pandemic, so now is not the time to cut back on funding,” said Dr. Hans Kluge, who works as WHO regional director in Europe, during a virtual meeting after being asked about Trump’s comments.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom, who works as WHO director general. “We shouldn’t waste time pointing fingers. We need time to unite … Let’s unite … The worst is yet to come if we don’t rush to ensure unity.”

Trump has gone back on forth on whether or not to de-fund WHO. It is something that the White House is currently considering.

“We’re going to investigate it, we’re going to look at it. But we will look at ending funding, yeah, because you know what, they called it wrong, and if you look back over the years even, everything seems to be very biased toward China,” Trump said.

David Nabarro, WHO’s special envoy for Covid-19, is urging for his organization not to be held accountable for their many blunders until after the pandemic has concluded.

“The world is in the middle of an extraordinary and epic struggle against a virus that is completely new. We are learning all the time about how to reduce the suffering, the consequences of the containment and efforts to prepare the world to live with it. With something like this each decision that we make is closely examined – as it should be,” Nabarro told The Guardian.. “But for now I would suggest we wait until the time the emergency subsides, when of course there will be inquiries, and individuals, governments and institutions are scrutinized.”

“We are trying to combine science and risk-assessment as we connect with the people who are making really tough decisions. They need to be able to trust us and have confidence in us as they do their best to ensure that their decisions are based on the best available evidence,” he added.

WHO’s tweet blindly parroting Chinese propaganda has become infamous. Their relaying of false information made the coronavirus pandemic worse by an untold margin.

Trump may want to consider de-funding the United Nations and all other globalist projects along with the WHO.

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