WATCH: American Firearms Coalition Demands Answers From Ralph Northam As He Tries To Escape

On the first day of the Special Session of the Virginia General Assembly, pro-gun group American Firearms Coalition confronted Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam.


With film crew on their side, activists from the gun group tried to get Northam on the record for his support of gun control laws.

One activist asked, “Gun-free zones killed 12 people at Virginia Beach, why do you want to expand gun-free zones?

Northam was pressed even further, after being asked “Why aren’t you asking the legislator to outlaw gun-free zones?”

The Virginia Governor did not respond to any of the activists’ questions.

At the end of the video, the activists described Northam’s gun control push as an “embarrassment” and “shameful”.

Northam called the special session after the Virginia Beach massacre in order to ram a slew of gun control bills down Virginia gun owners’ throats.

Interestingly enough, the perpetrator of this massacre went through all the government hoops that all gun owners must go through, and he still carried out his crime. No additional gun control laws would have likely stopped him.

However, Northam obviously ignored these stubborn facts and proceeded to push gun control forward.

But Northam was alone.

According to Second Amendment Daily, Republican Senator Tommy Norment filed a gun control bill at the last minute.

Second Amendment Daily stated that “Norment’s bill would make FELONS out of otherwise law abiding Virginians who carried a firearm into public (taxpayer funded) buildings — even with a permit!”

Thankfully, for gun owners, the special session came to a screeching halt after gun rights activists were able to get Senate Republicans to kill the session on gun control.


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