WATCH: Black South African Radicals Chant ‘All White Men Must Die’

Members of the far-left South African Economic Freedom Fighter party, led by South African Parliament member Julius Malema, were recorded promoting the death of white people in a recent video.

“White man, you must die,” the EFF chants in the video posted by News24. “All of you, you must die.”


The video has surfaced at a controversial time during which the American media claimed that whites in South Africa are not the target of radical leftist violence after President Donald J. Trump tweeted about land seizures from white Boer farmers in the country.

The mainstream media threw a fit over the tweet, claiming that Trump was echoing white nationalist talking points.

Big League Politics reported:

The mainstream press melted down and devolved into calling President Donald J. Trump a white supremacist after he Tweeted a factual statement about land being seized from white farmers in South Africa.

The reports of the government theft of land from white farmers in South Africa has been widely reported, and confirmed by South African farmers themselves, many of whom have been brutally murdered by blacks in the region

“The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema,” according to Daily Mail. 

“Today, Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory spread by white supremacists in South Africa whose goal is to start a race war,” said Rolling Stone writer Osha Davidson.

“We’ve known Donald Trump empowers and motivates white supremacists for three years at this point, so this isn’t surprising, but it is still shocking,” said BuzzFeed reporter Brandon Wall.

“Don’t invite people on your shows to argue that there is a white genocide in South Africa. There is not a white genocide in South Africa. This is not a “both sides” situation. This is the president pushing white nationalist propaganda,” said Manhattan based HuffPo writer Christopher Mathias.

The examples go on and on.

The one question that the leftwing press will never answer is this: what is the acceptable number of murders of white farmers in South Africa? Is 50 okay? How about 100, or 1000?

So to the guardians of all this true and moral in the mainstream press, we paupers kindly ask: Now that there is even more evidence – this time on video – of black radicals calling for the death of whites in South Africa, is it all right to be concerned? Or must we continue to pretend that everything in South Africa is fine so that you may continue to malign Trump as a racist?

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