WATCH: CNN Suggests Censoring Trump for SECOND Time in One Week

Monday, CNN host Don Lemon suggested censoring President Donald J. Trump during his scheduled Tuesday night speech at 9pm ET. It was the second time in recent memory that CNN has done this.

“Do you think it should be – I don’t know – a delay of some sort?” Lemon asked on his show “CNN Tonight.”

He was interviewing fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“Because people believe it,” Lemon continued. “The President will say what he has to say, people will believe it whether the facts are true or not, I guess that’s the chance you’re taking.”

Even Cuomo, a radical leftist himself, looked puzzled by the proposition.

“And then, by the time the rebuttals come on, we’ve already promoted propaganda, possibly – unless he gets up there and tells the truth.” Lemon continued.

CNN? Afraid of “promoting propaganda?” How would promoting propaganda be any different from the network’s normal daily activities?

Cuomo challenged Lemon, telling him that wanting a border wall is not “propaganda.”

Just six days ago, CNN hack “reporter” Oliver Darcy suggested censorship of Trump’s live press briefings.

Big League Politics reported:

CNN “reporter” Oliver Darcy, who was instrumental in getting radio host Alex Jones de-platformed from the internet’s major social networks (so much for the “free press”) is on another crusade, this time advocating to censor President Donald J. Trump.

“Worth pointing out: News organizations get a lot of criticism when they tweet out Trump’s dubious claims without offering the reader more context. But networks are running his pool sprays, giving Trump huge platform to peddle all kinds of nonsense. Why not hold & vet claims 1st?” Darcy Tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Darcy wants to stop his viewers from having unfettered access to Trump’s full press briefings, instead giving his network the opportunity to subjectively decide what angles it will take to report on Trump. It is far too easy for ordinary Americans to call out CNN for their lies and narrative twisting when they can simply refer back to the full tape and see what Trump said while speaking live.

The cable nets are tipping their hand more than usual out of pure derangement. They are terrified that he will rail against the Democratic Party’s open borders agenda, and that Americans might agree with him. The Orwellian suggestion by the press to suggest the censorship of anyone, let alone a sitting President, should be enough to make Americans wary of cable news.



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