WATCH: Faith Goldy Violently Attacked For Holding Anti-Racism Sign At Anti-Racist Protest

Right-wing commentator Faith Goldy was attacked at a purportedly “anti-racism” protest in Toronto, simply for holding a sign opposed to racism against white people.

Her only “crime” was holding signs saying “It’s okay to be white,” and “Not all white men,” which was enough for a gang of masked thugs to attack her and those with her, resulting in two arrests.

Along with Goldy, another man was attacked for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.


The attack on Goldy occurred during an event titled “United Against Racism,” which in itself is a smokescreen to downplay their actual far-left, open borders agenda.

Holding signs like these, why not just call your event “United for Open Borders?”

Goldy’s attack is just yet another attack from the radical left on those who refuse to cow to their extreme agenda.

As pointed out in her video, Goldy wasn’t even holding anything extremely controversial, or even what some would call “pro-white.”

“Just saying that it’s okay, not even great, not superior, not absolutely excellent, but okay to be white is triggering these brainwashed masses,” Goldy said.

And that it has, considering that even on college campuses, where free speech is supposed to be upheld, police have been called on signs reading this simply message.


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