WATCH: Journalists Find Satanic Statues on Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

Independent journalists Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante recently traveled to Little St. James, the island that was once owned by deceased sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Berwick and Rudkowski made the dangerous trek to the island to verify claims that were made by the mainstream media. They had a hard time finding transport to the island but eventually were able to do so, and then confirmed that Epstein’s infamous Satanic temple was in fact on the island.

“It was… a little daunting, a little scary kind of going in there because, you know, in some jurisdictions you can get shot and killed for going into private property,” Rudkowski said.

“And this is someone that was extremely, powerfully connected to presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and was able to evade law enforcement for some of the worst, most despicable acts in this world,” Rudkowski added, referring to Epstein.

They noted that an anonymous individual who was flying drones near the island with cameras mounted to them had done the most documentation work thus far and wanted to verify it with their own eyes. Rudkowski and Berwick are libertarians who are often called conspiracy theorists for questioning fake news narratives.

The journalists suspect that the federal government may have destroyed some key evidence on the island, considering the feds covered up for Epstein’s child sex operation for years and assured that he received the lightest possible sentence when he was convicted for his heinous crimes in 2008.

“We did not know what to expect because no one had ever done this before, so we didn’t know if there were going to be 100 DEA agents, FBI agents all armed. We didn’t know if there was going to be anyone on the island,” Berwick said.

Rudkowski and Berwick were only on the island for about 30 minutes, and noted that everything on the island had been cleaned out. All possible evidence regarding Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation had been meticulously removed by investigators.

They also found satanic gargoyle statues all over the island that were very unnerving. They left the island abruptly after receiving a phone call from a friend telling them to leave immediately as local authorities had reportedly become aware of their trespassing.

“The Jeffrey Epstein story is an incredibly important story to really understand what is happening behind the scenes. There is still a huge layer that we don’t know. This is why we took the risk that we are doing. We are doing this risk because we want this information out there to expose the bigger lies that the mainstream media is not covering,” Rudkowski explained.

The video can be seen here in its entirety:

Epstein’s mysterious death in a Manhattan jail cell was ruled a suicide despite the fact that there were broken bones found in his neck in the official autopsy:

The coroner’s report for Jeffrey Epstein has finally been released, and it shows that Epstein had broken bones in his neck following his death consistent with a strangulation – making the notion that he committed suicide in his jail cell seem even more unlikely than before.

Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken during his death, according to the coroner. The bone could have possibly been broken during the suicide, but these types of injuries are much more common when a victim is strangled. It is also consistent with reports that Epstein had shrieked in terror prior to his death, which would also be unlikely during a suicide.

Even though Epstein is dead and the fake news is happy to sweep his story under the rug, his victims are still fighting for justice, and intrepid journalists like Rudkowski and Berwick continue to raise public awareness of the case.

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