WATCH: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler SHAMED By Leftist Mob After Appearing at Protest

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made an appearance at one of the city’s nightly left-wing protests, which frequently devolve into violent riots, on Wednesday. It didn’t go well, with the crowd of leftists berating Wheeler, surrounding the Democratic mayor, cursing him out, and at one point dumping a bag of metal objects in front of him.

Wheeler went on to give a speech to the crowd of assembled protestors, who persevered in loudly booing and cursing him as he tried to voice his support for the rioters.

One rioter dumped a full bag of metal objects in front of Wheeler as he was walking to address the protestors, which the mayor simply ignored as he proceeded on his way.

Wheeler was fully surrounded by left-wing protestors and rioters and aggressively publicly shamed. The mayor’s attempt to recite a set of pro-riot talking points was quite literally overwhelmed by the curses of the rioters, who made it clear that they see Wheeler as nothing more than a “fascist.”

At one point Wheeler was asked whether he supports the outright abolition of the Portland police. He was brutally shamed after he responded to the negative, in a scene eerily reminiscent of the public shaming of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at a similar left-wing protest weeks ago.

Protestors projected an image of their demands just above Wheeler as he spoke, demanding a 50% defunding of the Portland Police bureau and the mayor’s resignation.

These leftists have no sympathy for the city’s neoliberal mayor, regardless of the privileges he has tirelessly worked to afford them.

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