WATCH: Video Appears to Show Drag Child Demonstrating How to Snort Ketamine

A video circulating online appears to show a child dressed in drag, sitting with an adult dressed in drag, and demonstrating how to snort ketamine.

“Anyone can do drugs,” famed transgender youth Desmond the Amazing said. “Everyone can do drugs. Your mom can do drugs.”

The video appears to be a question and answer session with viewers of a live stream.

“What his this world come to?” Desmond said later in the video. “It’s come to a world where drag kids actually exist.”

“And people do ketamine on a couch,” the adult added.

The child then raised its hand to its nose and made a snorting sound, just before the clip ends.

Ketamine is a strong anesthetic drug which was commonly known as a horse tranquilizer, but is now used in human anesthesia.

In this context however, it is being referenced as an illegal recreational drug.

A shortened version of the video caused an uproar on social media.

“This child needs to be removed from his parents. He is an abuse victim. This is horrific,” conservative commentator Matt Walsh said on Twitter.

Walsh’s post sparked over 600 comments, mostly calling for the child to be removed from the household.





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