What the future looks like-China.

If you want to know what the future looks like, Americans can look at China and shudder. That’s the message Tucker Carlson had for his viewers on Fox News Monday night.

His reasoning? The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world just how authoritarian China can be, which is a scary prospect for the rest of us. Perhaps what is even more frightening is the corporate media’s unwillingness to report on China and its inhumane crackdown towards making good on its zero Covid policy.

As Carlson reported, the first mass quarantine in human history began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in the beginning of 2020. Within days, pictures and videos of what was happening there began to appear online, shocking people in the West.

Effectively imprisoning 11 million people simultaneously, Wuhan citizens were seen confined to their apartment by government order. Those who tried to leave sometimes found themselves welded inside, where some even starved to death.

Carlson continued, “authorities in hazmat suits dragged screaming citizens into vans and then drove them to internment camps. Watching this, you could barely believe it. China seemed to have gone insane, moving from authoritarian to dystopian in a single day.” 

Now fast forward two years, and new footage as emerged of the government of China completely shutting down the city of Shanghai again. With a new lockdown that appears to be more brutal and far-reaching than anything in from 2020.

This is what CNN correspondent, David Culver, had to say about the situation in Shanghai on a recent broadcast, “if you think Wuhan 2020 was bad, welcome to Shanghai 2022. This has been like no other lockdown, and it’s in the country’s cosmopolitan and most affluent financial hub of all places.

“So, this door behind me, this is my exit to the outside alleyway and late last night, I heard them taping up my door along with the doors of my neighbors. They’re placing a paper seal so as to keep it closed,” Culver added.

“Some buildings with positive cases inside, well they’re locked shut from the outside. They’re using bicycle locks and padlocks just to keep people in. 

According to Carlson, what is happening all over Shanghai includes a mass slaughter of pets in addition to quarantine camps.

For example, this is a video of Chinese man in a hazmat suit beating a Corgi to death “after the pet’s owner had tested reportedly positive for COVID-19 and taken away to a quarantine center,” according to one CNN reporter.

Carlson concludes by talking about how versions of these inhumane COVID-19 protections are already “taking shape.” Then he asks why they wouldn’t be taking shape in this country? Especially with upcoming midterm elections.

Indoor mask mandates have just made its comeback in Philadelphia. Even though the city “has a seven-day average of two COVID deaths. Two COVID deaths in a city of 1.5 million people over a week,” per Carlson.

“Now, of course, when your strategy is “COVID zero” two dead from COVID is more than enough to justify another mass quarantine,” he continued.

Carlson then asks if this is the kind of country people want to live in.

“A society where your movements are restricted not by law but by corporate policy? Where you can be forced into a box and told to wear a diaper on your head for the crime of walking around in public?” he says. “Is that America?”


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