What’s Up With That Spot and Bandage on the Back of Kim Jong Un’s Head?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could be dealing with yet another health-related issue, as he was recently photographed with a spot on the back of his head and then with a bandage covering it up.

According to NK News, the spot was visible during a four-day military event and a three-day war veterans conference he attended in late July. Some footage subsequently showed the spot covered with a bandage.

Images also show that Kim did not sport the dark green bruise or spot in late June. It is anyone’s guess as to the spot’s cause or significance, which has naturally fueled much speculation from foreign observers.

Despite being only 38 or 39 years old (North Korean and South Korean sources differ on his exact age), Kim Jong Un has dealt with a host of health issues throughout his dictatorship. As the Washington Post notes, Kim recently appeared in public after having lost a significant amount of weight, and just a couple months prior he notably missed the public celebration of his grandfather’s birthday.

Kim Jong Un may also have experienced severe complications following heart surgery in April 2020—severe enough that CNN reported he was in “grave danger” and that TMZ said he was “reportedly dead.” Rumors of the dictator’s death were definitively dispelled, however, when a South Korean foreign policy adviser said he was “alive and well” and when Kim appeared at the opening of a fertilizer plant in the city of Sunchon in early May.

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