‘Whistleblower’s’ Attorney Admits to Helping Pedophiles Receive Security Clearances

Mark Zaid, the attorney who represents the anti-Trump whistleblower who filed an anonymous complaint over President Donald Trump’s correspondence with Ukraine, once bragged about helping pedophiles get security clearances with the federal government.

He made the comment in Feb. 2018 in a discussion with attorney Leslie McAdoo Gordon after an alleged domestic abuser had received a security clearance. She tagged Zaid as a security clearance expert in one of her posts, which prompted him to respond as follows:

Yesterday, Big League Politics reported on a Disneyphilic post made Zaid’s his Twitter account. It was revealed that Zaid had traveled to Disney by himself and had his photograph taken with actors portraying popular cartoon and movie characters. Furthermore, he had liked videos on his YouTube account featuring young girls from Disney.

Zaid liked videos on YouTube with titles such as “Top 10 prettiest disney channel stars,” “Top 10 Disney girls,” and “Selena Gomez from child to women,” indicating that his obsession with Disney may be perverse.


Zaid has also been exposed as a cheerleader for the coup attempt against President Trump immediately after he took office. Perhaps he wants the deep state to remain in place because they shield him from receiving justice for pursuing his depraved compulsions.

Pro-1st Amendment Lawyer Robert Barnes noted that Zaid has connections to long-time Clinton operative John Podesta, the suspected pizza partier who was implicated by WikiLeaks emails in a conspiracy so ghastly and insidious that few can even wrap their minds around it.

Zaid’s partner in representing the whistleblower, attorney Andrew Bakaj, also has extensive ties to the Democratic Party machine. He previously worked in the offices of Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer before taking on the anti-Trump whistleblower as a client:

Former CIA official Andrew Bakaj, who once worked at Hillary Clinton’s office while she was a Senator, is representing the whistle-blower who filed a complaint against President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky…

Bakaj was influential in crafting regulations regarding whistle-blowers while serving in the administration of former President Barack Obama…

He started his career working under influential former Democratic lawmakers. Bakaj served as an intern for the late former Sen. Daniel Moynihan (D-NY), then as an intern under Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and then he worked under Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Curiously, Bakaj also interned at the US Embassy in the Ukraine, showing that he has ties to the country that is under the microscope right now for President Trump’s reported communication with their leader about Joe Biden’s dealings.

The attempted coup against President Trump just gets seedier and seedier as the days go on. The deep state and its creepy minions will stop at nothing to wrestle power back from the people.

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